“Free Meek!” The “Yes Men” Said.

my home-wolf nearly chewed me out over meek mill today.
all because i said he brought it on himself.
he gonna say a whole bunch of shit and then gonna say:

“you could as well support police when they shootin us.
meek innocent and you hatin.”

“first of all,
calm your ass down.
you don’t know that PINEAPPLE okay????”

i said the “n” word that we banished on the foxhole.
i apologize in advance.
stans need to really pull it together.
eva marcille put up a post on her ig that confused the fuck outta me.
this is what she fonted
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Kevin McCall: The Ultimate Baby Favaah Drama?

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 12.53.27 AMi’m confused with kevin mccall.
he had a lot of promise and now…
not so much.
so as you know,
he is eva marcille from “america next top model” baby favaah.
of course they brought a cub in this world to pineapple drama.
well he decided to record himself talking to her on his phone and…
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The Future Love Song for Kevin McCall?

one of our wolf favorites is gone ya’ll.

well not really.
he is just giving a vixen some serious peen now.
i hope she knows how to take it.
and well.
you won’t believe who he is dating

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