“Free Meek!” The “Yes Men” Said.

my home-wolf nearly chewed me out over meek mill today.
all because i said he brought it on himself.
he gonna say a whole bunch of shit and then gonna say:

“you could as well support police when they shootin us.
meek innocent and you hatin.”

“first of all,
calm your ass down.
you don’t know that PINEAPPLE okay????”

i said the “n” word that we banished on the foxhole.
i apologize in advance.
stans need to really pull it together.
eva marcille put up a post on her ig that confused the fuck outta me.
this is what she fonted

how does what meek did “horrible” and “unfair”?
he fucked up his probation.
tank decided to respond to her post in her comments via the shade room:


i see you on the shade…
but i agree with him partly.
the only one i fully agree with is joe budden.
i was shocked because i thought he would cosign the foolishness.
this is what he said on “everyday struggle”:

sounds about right.
i’m just gonna font it tho.
black folks really need to stop the coddling and caping.
it’s like the cousin that’s a hot ass mess.
for whatever reason,
they get money and bailed out of jail each and every time they fuck up.
they continuously do wrong,
but always have family members to defend/rescue.
what is being taught?
meek did wrong and is back doing the time for what he violated.
he had more chances due to being a celeb and fucked that up.
i don’t see why this is hard for some of “us” to understand.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on ““Free Meek!” The “Yes Men” Said.

  1. 11 years on probation tho damn bruh. ive had probation 3 years n i cant imagine having the st8 breathing down my neck 4 a decade!

  2. You on probation and you continue to fuck up?! Sorry I DO NOT feel sorry for this dude. He had an opportunity that MANY guys who are in prison/jail do not get…and we’re supposed to cry foul?!
    People need to take accountability for their actions, and stop blaming others for their stupidity. He’s had many chances, and like the judge said to him…it’s like you’re thumbing your nose up at me, so now I’m gonna show you that you won’t continue to make a fool of me.

  3. Eva wasn’t necessarily defending Meek. She was simply saying that people complaining about this “unfair” system should use their votes to change it (black folks pulled off some remarkable wins yesterday nationwide). And yes, i’m aware that voting isn’t the end all be all but neither is sitting at the house posting hashtags on IG.

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