MistAmazin and His Amazing “Onlyfans” Page?

*the following is parental advisory.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

if ima pay for your “onlyfans”,
i better see more than some damn jerkin off.
so remember ^this wolf?
you should.
we fonted about him a long time ago.
he is responsible for these videos…


his name is “mistamazin” and he has the biggest pipe,
he has an “onlyfans” account with some of these gems:

…and i had to ask the foxhole:

Would you pay for his onlyfans?

he was smart enough to get into porn with that pipe of his…

…but you know i love me a good amateur situation.
let me know because im lowkey interested.
you can check him out:

x twitter
x clips4sale
x onlyfans

lowkey: he is the only wolf,
with a big ass dick,
who looks goos and can actually fuck.
i’m impressed.
i’m also impressed he can wear any kind of pants.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

28 thoughts on “MistAmazin and His Amazing “Onlyfans” Page?”

  1. Have you seen Julio Gomes’s (Gomez depending on where posted) pipe?! 14 inches of long, thick, beautiful pipe!! His body is very nice as well

  2. Dashthree is “fire”! It’s an Interracial couple with a black dude named Jtrusty blowing white dude and he’s screaming for more and both bodies are hot. It’s so good they should be performers.

      1. Black gay men couldn’t possibly be this thirsty smh lol

        I wouldn’t watch that shit again if someone paid me.

        Black gay porn is pretty dead as a whole though.

  3. Johnell came on here and queened out when everyone just said he was “alright” lol

    I been heard all you have to do is break bread to hit one or both of them at the same damn time 🤷🏾‍♂️

    One of them followed me on Instagram outta no where and tried to get me to pay for a private cam show.


    1. ^oh damn.

      maybe this is how they’re relationship is lasting so long,
      they don’t have to worry about cheating because a couple that plays together; stays together?

  4. I got fucked like that last week.. From the back & it was rough. He was 6’3, muscular & had a mandingo. Let’s just say I’m still in pain lol

  5. West Philly freaks on connectpal is on point. $10 a month and they stay putting out consistent content, mostly group stuff.

    1. West philly freaks be the same position just with different bottoms on those same dirty ass sheets lol I canceled my connectpal they’re boring… I heard noe they’re fucking girls too. Plus they fuck EVERYBODY raw eww 😷🤢😵

  6. Greetings Foxholers🤓, Wolves & Vixens😏, Kittens & Cubs🤗, Crows and Pigeons 😒.

    I somewhat enjoyed seeing his sexy self nailing that woman. I have a question tho. Is Onlyfans really worth it? Some of these folks be making bank but I’m like if I pay you $9.99 you better have consistent content. Sure 10 bucks a month is nothing but they need to come harder than what they put out for content. One guy I had originally subscribed to, started charging $15 a month and then they ask you to tip them for vids and he had 399 fans..Do the the math.

    Now I do know that Onlyfans folks definitely have to report their earning on their taxes. I hope some of them know that..lol but I unsubscribed after he asked the fans to tip him on his vids to help out his dream of being an actor. How much did he ask for? An extra $15 in tips per fan because he needed to get 5k for acting classes. I am baffled by how thirsty people are (my self included previously cause I wanted to see was it worth it) to fund these people that drop vids no longer than 5 minutes, some probably have just ‘clips’ only.

    Shyt you might as well subscribe to a legit site like Dawgpound USA and get a library of vids over 18+ minutes. I know Amateur is the rage these days but that camera and editing work at Dawgpound definitely hits the found footage amateur highpoints.

    I’m thinking about looking into that link to the couple someone posted. I’m all up for couples as long as it’s worth it.

    If you charging me 9.99 a month. I need to have a minimum of 8 vids a month..2 updates a week, a dollar a video with a dollar top for you. Amateur of not, when they put them prices up for their only fans they created a business and shoddy business practices won’t last long especially with Myvidster and her sisters around.

    1. BRUH is there really some dude out there called nat turnher. i cantttt. these is the last days lol

  7. Never heard of him and probably don’t want to subscribe to his vixen pussy dickdown. I’d rather watch Milan Christopher get dicked down by Zell Swag or something.

      1. the vid was so, so for me. I wish they had more side view positions and at least show your face but oh well there goes my $9.99 subscription. However a guy named “Freddy Rio” got my attention and I subscribed, one vid of him doing doorway pull ups nude was hot !!!!!

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