“castro speaks” per the drop from a Foxholer

I couldn’t help but wonder:
When we find ourselves in the midst of a huge scandal,
where our reputations are really on the line,
is silence truly golden?

when lightweight drama hits,
like cheating or “someone got offended by something” scandals,
one of the best things you can do is shut up and let the storm pass.

people will always create their own narratives.
when accusations get serious tho,
it’s a different game altogether.
those need to be addressed immediately before they spiral out of control.
take the recent mess with castro,
and his manz dem.

it turned into a forest fire in about 2.5 seconds.
(x you can peep the background here)
jacobi finally got castro to explain the situation and…

Why did Jacobi assume people hate on the Castro scene?
Because he raised his tail in the sky?
He has done that plenty of times.
That part really gave me pause.

i didn’t see anyone was hating on castro’s looks on my end tbh.
everyone was criticizing the words said in the clip,
along with castro not looking like he was in his right mind.
castro’s “this tail up” scenes are always whiny and boring.
he was never the ruthless hybrid who takes penis like a champ.
what is jacobi talking about?

this is jacobi’s written statement as well:

Sidebar: Youtubers and bloggers are not journalists.
we are just modern day tabloids with opinions.
No one is going to ask anyone anything like we work for CNN or MSNBC.
It’s better to work with us than against us since we have the people’s ears.

I‘ll always welcome someone explaining their side on my platform.

now that’s out of the way,
kudos on clearing things up but:

Why wasn’t this addressed earlier?
a day after all this drama went down.

blocking folks and removing the video only fanned the flames.
jacobi could have released a video explaining his side,
maybe even showing a clip of the alleged scene,
and highlighting the youtuber in question.

( x see alleged youtuber in question )
transparency is key in these kinds of accusations,

this drama seems to be wrapping up but let this be a lesson:

In the age of instant news and digital gossip,
sometimes the best defense is a quick and honest offense.

8 thoughts on ““castro speaks” per the drop from a Foxholer

  1. I have to agree with Jason on this one, also for Jacobi to call “ rape” a spicy word is wild and shows he doesn’t understand the climate in which he lives.

    I think the whole Castro situation is sad, I didn’t realize he was that old. To be in his late 40s or even early 50’s considering all the alcohol and alleged drug use, he doesn’t look that bad for his age, if he ever got clean, gave up alcohol and drugs, ate healthy, and hit the gym for about a month he would look fantastic.

    1. Also, they’re not fooling anyone talking about ‘drank too much…blah blah’. That man was high as giraffe pussy. And yall know certain p stars can be lackluster performers and survive off of their aesthetics alone for as long as they keep deciding to show up. Castro and Mike Mann are perfect examples. Lots of looongtime fans will, and do, still stan for them because their face, body and meat checklist cards never declined. That is, until Castro came on that camera w Jacobi nem looking like a longtime POW.

      If Castro wasn’t in such a low space where he doesn’t even care about his appearance (he looked crazy) even knowing he’s about to film, and would rather just lay there and take D from clients for some money and drugs (Jacobi said they weren’t even expecting to fvk him, and ‘total top’ has been his ‘brand’ for damn near decades) then there’d be ZERO excuse for him needing ‘help’ to start a fukn OF in a time where damn near everybody’s grandma has one.

      That man is a drugged out, shell of his former self, and the chaos over that word has distracted ppl from the obvious fact that that man is not well.

      1. 💯💯💯🤣🤣🤣🤣👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿agree with your comments

  2. I feel like Jacobi should of have spoken his side while the fire was becoming an inferno that week. I also feel like he purposely not said anything because he the type that loves controversy. He really gets off having his name in the headlines and in folks mouths. I feel that is the only thing that is keeping him relevant. If that’s what it was, man I feel sorry for him. Social media nowadays are making folks egos more shallow than they already are

  3. I’m glad this came out. I didn’t watch the full vid but Castro did look fully out of in the clips I saw. I just kept scrolling and minded my business, which is a skill that a lot of us need to learn. Hopefully, this will be a lesson on both sides though. BUT I’m curious if those that have been dragging Jacobi to no end will be as loud acknowledging they were wrong. That might be too much like right though. (If it was me I’d be deleting those tweets and praying they weren’t screenshot because it’s really giving defamation suit insert Jamari scratch out)

  4. I just saw the video last night. I had only heard the audio before. For me, it wasn’t anything new. Castro always looked a little loopy/drunk/high in his bottoming scenes. probably because he’s not used to it and needs to take the edge off. This was just blown out of proportion because of a certain word that was used and on top of that apparently people don’t Jacobi in that industry

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