so i watched a movie called “femme” and well…

I couldn’t help but wonder:
How far are you willing to go for revenge?

last night,
i watched a movie that blew me away.

there was an ad about it that peaked my interest.
when i watched,
it raised my anxiety in the best possible way.
even today,
i can’t stop thinking about it.
it’s called “femme“,
and it stars george mackay and nathan stewart-jarrett,
and the premise is something many of us Foxholers understand all too well

The story centers on a gay fox,
who does drag,
that becomes the victim of a brutal hate crime.
The perpetrator?
A DL drug dealing wolf,
and one who desperately wants to impress his straight,
hyper-masculine crew.
we all know how that goes.

In a twist of fate,
the gay fox ends up hooking up with this very DL jackal,
who has no idea he’s the same person he assaulted months earlier.
Revenge and exposure are on the menu.
As they continue their hookups,
walls start to come down,
and the DL jackal gets comfortable.
We soooooooo know how that goes—
It spirals downhill once emotions get involved.

there are raunchy sex scenes for those in the back.

these scenes perfectly capture the raw,
and sometimes abusive
nature of DL encounters.

we know the “don’t walk to close” and “sex in cars and in the woods”.
the sex is intense,
filled with hatred,
and an undeniable chemistry that’s both electric and destructive.

beyond the raw intensity from both of the characters,
the story is incredibly well done.
there were moments i had to pause because my nerves were on edge.
other times,
it forced me to reflect on my own life and the past wolves i’ve been drawn to.

i think every Foxholer should watch this film.
it’s a compelling narrative that is very thought-provoking.
it will leave you questioning and reflecting long after the credits roll.

If you can make it through the buffering hell,
you can watch it:

i’d love to read your thoughts because i’d love a sequel,
even though it ended perfectly.

10 thoughts on “so i watched a movie called “femme” and well…

  1. AWESOME movie! I was just so unsure of how to feel. Like, I wanted them to be together, but there was no way that could happen… And then I felt bad about rooting for them. lol The actor who played Preston gave one hell of a performance. The acting from everyone was amazing.

  2. I just watched it and it was pretty good! The acting and story was so good that I kinda wanted them to be with each other. I forgot about what he did to him at some parts of the movie. I was conflicted 🥴

      1. Anything is possible! I think once you get to know each other the way they did intimately you can’t help but to start having feelings. It can also deemed as something deeper on the part of the victim that needs to be healed through therapy. Again im torn betwixt the two sides. 😮‍💨

    1. I felt that way at times as well. While I think a whole beatdown from a stranger that left u traumatized is a bit much to bounce back from after a few months, I did like that they showed the victim’s struggle w revenge, considering he’d stared to get what he would’ve loved all along from ol boy.

      I was just mad that they kept acting like a queen w that much mouth/balls to stand up for himself in front of a dude w a crew wouldn’t at least have half decent enough hands to get a few licks in.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation. Just watched, and it was good. I appreciated how, eventho I could peg some of the next things to come, they kept kinda moving the goalpost. This was def a good watch Jamari, and ima tell my alphabet frinz to check it out lol.

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