michael b. jordan caters with cakes for our feel good christmas viewing

so lemme tell you how much a “blonde” i can be.
i saw a quick gif or something of “a journal for jordan” last week.
i thought the lead actress was jordin sparks and she had a documentary out.
i didn’t know it was a new movie starring michael b. jordan.
the actress i thought was jordin sparks is chante adams.
i wasn’t high.
i swear that i wasn’t.
i was wondering where this gif of mbj came from:

“oh hi big and juicy pecs.
nice to meet you.”


his tail also made an appearance in the movie too.
an f-bi sent this to me and well…

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the foxhole doesn’t know how much i love the movie scream

depending on what you ask my cousin hybrid,
he will tell you that he hates the movie,

I watched it 20,000 times.

scream was the first scary movie i ever watched.
i am scared of michael myers tho.
that opening sequence with drew barrymore was one of the best in hollywood history.
i remember being so scared and trying to figure out the killer.
the thought of a killer terrorizing someone by phone was so interesting to me.
i’m so obsessed with that i bought the trilogy box set on dvd.
what is a dvd even mean these days?
when they announced they were released scream 5,
you already guessed that i was gonna be excited af.

i waited patiently for the trailer and it finally dropped it today

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it looked like michele morrone came out and i was not in his dms being thirsty af

i’m attracted to handsomeness and sex appeal on males
even though black wolves will always be my first choice,
i can appreciate that combo on other races as well.
michele morrone,
a 30-year-old italian actor/model/and singing wolf,
is a good mix of handsomeness and sex appeal that i’m attracted to.
he is everything in “365 days” on netflix.


it was the italian version of “50 shades of grey“.
that movie turned me on too much that i couldn’t finish it.
the sex scenes >

it’s safe to font that most vixens want to fuck michele after that movie.
gay/bi males thought they had a shot when it looked like he came out on ig.
he posted this pic with fellow italian actor/model wolf,
simone susinna

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so i watched “mortal kombat” on hbo max and well…

i never knew i’d be turned on by metallic biceps.
ay yi yi.
everyone was excited about “mortal kombat” being released.
for many millennials like myself,
we grew up on that video game.
ya’ll did.

I am a Street Fighter guy.

mortal kombat had too many damn buttons to remember shit.
and forth,
while doing coding just to do a fatality.
i’m good.
i don’t know much about the lore,
but i know some of the main characters and well…
(heavy on the spoilers)

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so they released the “mortal kombat” trailer and well…

i was a heavy “street fighter” cub growing up.
i’d literally have competitions with friends and “friends of friends“.
chun li or cammy for the win.
when it was “marvel vs capcom 2″,
forget it.
my team:

Ryu/Iron Man

i was never into “mortal kombat” because i didn’t understand the control dynamics.
i did love watching people play it tho,
especially dudes.

sidenotes: i love watching males who are into me play video games.
this one wolf use to love playing gta in front of me.
i think it made his dick hard showing off all his cars and progress.

ever so often when i’m bored,
i’ll go watch fatality videos from each mortal kombat game.


the final boss in 11 tho:

that makes my skin crawl.
how do they come up with this shit?

so they had a street fighter movie,
which was wack af,
and now they’re giving us one for moral kombat.
they released the trailer today and foxhole…

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let’s get into “trade” (because we like trade getting into us)

according to “urban dictionary“,
the top definition is:

“A young hyper-masculine looking gay man, usually black or latino in urban contexts. Trade typically dress in urban clothing and play to the thug stereotype. The term “trade” originated from the notion that these men were only gay for pay– thus they would “trade” sex for money. In recent years, the term has come to refer to any gay men of color who dress in hip-hop inspired clothing and play into the masc fetish.”

x see the many other definitions

trade usually means a “wolf” (top) within the gay community.
trade can be any age,
but it mostly means a male who is on the dl.
i felt like fine ass “darius” on pose would be “trade”:


urbanflixtv” decided to make a movie about trade.
it’s called “trade“.
this is the trailer

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