the foxhole doesn’t know how much i love the movie scream

depending on what you ask my cousin hybrid,
he will tell you that he hates the movie,

I watched it 20,000 times.

scream was the first scary movie i ever watched.
i am scared of michael myers tho.
that opening sequence with drew barrymore was one of the best in hollywood history.
i remember being so scared and trying to figure out the killer.
the thought of a killer terrorizing someone by phone was so interesting to me.
i’m so obsessed with that i bought the trilogy box set on dvd.
what is a dvd even mean these days?
when they announced they were released scream 5,
you already guessed that i was gonna be excited af.

i waited patiently for the trailer and it finally dropped it today

“I’m Sidney Prescott.
Of course,
I have a gun.”

that smart home “door locked/unlocked” is gonna freak people tf out.

i’m shocked they don’t have a big actress do their opening sequence.
i’d love to see an up-and-coming black vixen be the first victim tbh.

Imagine Yara Shadidi or Chloe Bailey being the opening victim?

the trailer looks really good tho.
this one seems more serious than the last installment.
many people hated scream 4 but i was into it.
i liked the who and the why.

They said they couldn’t put too much in the trailer because it would contain too many spoilers.

scream has the best scary movie trailers:


scream 1 and 2 will always be my favorite out of the series.
buffy the vampire slayer in scream 2 >
buffy the vampire slayer in i know what you did last summer >

sidney prescott will always be my scream queen.
gayle weathers will always be my favorite bitch.
i feel like they’re gonna kill off dewey tbh.
either way,
God spares my life,
i’ll be in that theater to watch on 1.14.22.

lowkey: my favorite death scenes in all of scream?
drew barrymore,
but i gotta give it to rose mcgowan and sarah michelle gellar for their deaths.

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “the foxhole doesn’t know how much i love the movie scream”

  1. I loved the first two screams. Drew Barrymore is iconic and Sarah Michelle was the moment. Sidney was kind of a wet blanket. She is the sole survivor but she was always meh to me.
    Fun fact: Drew Barrymore was offered the role of Sidney but she asked to be killed off instead and the rest is history.

    1. Sure was, but I don’t think it did that well. It came out around the same time as the scream queen show.

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