and just like that, ya’ll are gonna watch the sex and the city spinoff (without samantha)

that was a classic episode of sex and the city.
ya’ll remember the episode when the dude broke up with carrie via a post-it note?


the nerve,
with his dry-ass asmr sex.
this part was my favorite in the episode tho:


Sidebar: I went to club Bed when it was poppin’.
There were actual beds in this club that you had to pay to reserve.
I knew a wolf who knew a wolf so I chilled on his bed.
I did make the mistake of standing on the bed we were on.
Security tackled my ass off that shit and onto the ground.
I wonder if anyone ever smashed on those beds in the club?

this show really spoke to my young fresh-ass foxy life.
nowadays these dudes ghost you without even sending a text or an ig dm.
so they launched the teaser trailer for the sex and the city spinoff,
…and just like that“…

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who is ready for the “b-boy blues” trailer? (yup, we are)

i’ve been waiting for the trailer for “b-boy blues“,
the book from james earl hardy,
to drop.
oh hey,
thomas mackie…

i’m always excited to watch stuff about black gay love.
we are seeing so much black straight love stories these days,
i’m really happy to see stories about the way we love.
the foxhole hit me up once the trailer was released and…

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the foxhole doesn’t know how much i love the movie scream

depending on what you ask my cousin hybrid,
he will tell you that he hates the movie,

I watched it 20,000 times.

scream was the first scary movie i ever watched.
i am scared of michael myers tho.
that opening sequence with drew barrymore was one of the best in hollywood history.
i remember being so scared and trying to figure out the killer.
the thought of a killer terrorizing someone by phone was so interesting to me.
i’m so obsessed with that i bought the trilogy box set on dvd.
what is a dvd even mean these days?
when they announced they were released scream 5,
you already guessed that i was gonna be excited af.

i waited patiently for the trailer and it finally dropped it today

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so i watched the trailer for the final season of “insecure” and…

i remember it like it was yesterday.
i was home alone,
on 2016 thanksgiving
had a chicken in the oven,
and decided to binge “insecure” on hbo.
of course,
i was late after all the social media chatter about it.


i became a hardcore stan by the end of that final scene in season 1.
you know what scene i’m talmbout.
every time i’m dealing with life shit,
issa rae knows exactly how i’m feeling.
sometimes i think i am like the character “issa”.
unlike my other friends,
it has taken me a minute to get my shit together with my insecurities,
and the fuckbois i tend to fall for.
issa finally dropped the trailer for the final season of “insecure” and…

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they finally released the gossip girl 2021 trailer and well…

the whole gossip girl storyline resembles our current lives today.

Backstab each other
Do drugs
Fuck each other
Fuck people we shouldn’t be fuckin’

Buy nice shit
Post the nice shit and the people we are fuckin’ online
Get exposed in some form or another

dare i say,
gossip girl was kinda what started off this whole social media life.
you know all of the folk’s scandals and gossip gets exposed on social media first.
the final season,
like many,
was an absolute shit show.
they decided to raise gossip girl from the dead,
revamp it with a modern look,
and add rich teenage hipsters who are trying to be different but are like everyone else.

Sounds like some of our lives right now.

some of us love a good scandal.
i’m on a heavy “serena” right now.
up and left,
but i’ll be back to stir up shit soon.

hbo max
has been cock teasing with posters and clips…

but they finally released the full trailer today for gossip girl 2021 and…

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so they released the “mortal kombat” trailer and well…

i was a heavy “street fighter” cub growing up.
i’d literally have competitions with friends and “friends of friends“.
chun li or cammy for the win.
when it was “marvel vs capcom 2″,
forget it.
my team:

Ryu/Iron Man

i was never into “mortal kombat” because i didn’t understand the control dynamics.
i did love watching people play it tho,
especially dudes.

sidenotes: i love watching males who are into me play video games.
this one wolf use to love playing gta in front of me.
i think it made his dick hard showing off all his cars and progress.

ever so often when i’m bored,
i’ll go watch fatality videos from each mortal kombat game.


the final boss in 11 tho:

that makes my skin crawl.
how do they come up with this shit?

so they had a street fighter movie,
which was wack af,
and now they’re giving us one for moral kombat.
they released the trailer today and foxhole…

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