the black panther: wakanda forever trailer was released and…

when black panther came out in 2018,
they said the sequel would come out in 2022.

here we are.

it’s 2022 and the sequel to black panther is coming out.
black panther: wakanda forever.
we lost chadwick boseman,
who starred as black panther,
back in 2020.
the talk was why would they make this without him?
who is gonna be the next black panther?
how is this even gonna go?
they released the trailer tonight and…

…i watched this trailer 5 times in a row and bawled 5 times in a row.
from the song,
the images,
chadwick’s mural,
and what angela bassett said in her monologue…
that shit hit my emotions hard.

i know ima be a mess in the theater.
i haven’t been to the movies since 2020 but ill be there for this.
what a fitting date for our movie release.
i think ill wear white.
rip chadwick.
i hope you are proud.

lowkey: i want that song NOW.

eta: found it…

it’s tems singing the song in the trailer.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “the black panther: wakanda forever trailer was released and…”

    1. ^ i’ve watched it 4 more times and cried each times.
      ryan came through.
      lupita and danai look absolutely gorgeous.
      i’m wondering if his sister will take the throne as the new black panther?

      i can’t wait to see this in november.
      ima have to get my tickets in advanced cause this is gonna be sold out for weeks probably.

      1. The whole thing looks like a love letter to BLACKNESS and I’m here for it. Shuri does become the black panther in the comics so I wouldn’t be surprised if she is in this movie. I think people forget that the Black Panther isn’t a person it’s a position, so any Wakandan who is worthy has a shot at it. I must admit I was worried about how Marvel would continue the story without Chadwick, but Ryan Coogler is so good at bringing stories to life it’s ridiculous. That man is a genius!

        1. ^ LOVE THIS.

          thank you for this breakdown.
          i can see her becoming black panther.
          i think that’s why she was acting the way she was during the filming because of the vaccine.
          she had leverage

          1. Right! She was a fucking terror!!! I was like girl get it together so this movie can come out lmao

          2. ^ oh she was getting on my nerves but if this is the play of where they are taking this movie,
            i can see why she was acting up lmao
            her worth sky rocketed at that very moment.

          3. She also got a serious injury filming some kind of motor bike scene. Marvel/Disney has been called out by the FX people in the industry for rushing these movies thru production with shoddy effects because of the extreme timeline the company enforces. They may have tried the silly stunt to save from a CGI sequence, hence her injury. She may have had legitimate beef with Disney beyond her vaccine and Trans views. NOTICE her screen time in this teaser is very low considering she most likely is the principal star of the movie.

  1. I’m looking forward to it and can’t wait to see what story they came up with in the absence of the original Black Panther Chadwick Boseman. The traitor is fire.

    Are you planning to see Jordan Peele’s “Nope,” Jamari? It premiered on Friday and is getting very good reviews. I may go the theater to see it.

  2. A lot of people have mixed emotions because they thought Black Panther should have been recast. The thing is, Chadwick’s role would eventually end because his character does die. We know Shuri is Black Panther but they may twist it and do it another way. The thing is… the Chadwick funeral is going get everybody emotional. Chadwick had a private funeral but T’Challa… this is going to mess everybody up. We definitely will see a twist in this because the Multiverse storyline is supposed to not make sense until Kang shows up. This is everybody recovering from Thanos. We didn’t see Wakanda recover from Thanos. So we may have a different panther after Thanos snap.

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