your invite to the sex party is cancelled until ya’ll stop poppin up

monkeypox is starting to be front-page news.
some of the popular ones on social media are picking it up.

the handsome and popular,
shared with his followers how he got an issue:

did his boyfriend get it too?
some of the sex party circuits are cutting back too.
a foxholer sent me an email from a sex party company in dc…


you know this is serious.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “your invite to the sex party is cancelled until ya’ll stop poppin up”

  1. Cute but I assume everybody has some contagion until proven otherwise . god speed to all involved sorry to those men

  2. Yo, thanks for this story and it seems we in it for the long haul on this one. I just check my local GMHC and they are administering MPX vaccine by app this coming Monday and im gettin that jab ASAP.

  3. They always wanna blame us gays for something just like they did with gonorrhea they doing this with monkey pox they trying to make monkeypox the new gay disease because HIV is not the gay disease anymore now it seems like a global pandemic of this disease I knew something was funny when Bill Gates said it was gonna be a new pandemic right after COVID-19 and the government Put monkeypox in the gay male community and we are getting blamed for it this is like the HIV aids pandemic all over again I really want to delete my Twitter Account and delete the Twitter app gay men going to enough hell with this whole groomer thing and now monkeypox pandemic that the government implanted in the gay male community this is stressing me out I had to mute the words groomer and monkeypoxs and homophobic people are having a field day with this just like they did with the HIV crisis

    1. Don’t you all speak viruses with your sex parties, unsafe sex and overall promiscuity? It’s a bitter pill I’m sure, but maybe this is a sign to leave your sinful unproductive lifestyle.

  4. I am glad that the gays are trying to be proactive, unfortunately the government was caught slipping and there is a shortage of the vaccine currently. Its a two dose vaccine and it’s only available in certain markets. Even then you have to qualify to get it. I read that in some places they are giving out second doses as people’s first , and just hoping that more will come soon so they can do the second doses.

  5. There’s the vaccine but depending upon where you are you can also request TPOXX, which is “as an effective monkeypox treatment, but the FDA has only approved it to treat smallpox. The CDC maintains a stockpile of TPOXX and allows for its “compassionate use” during monkeypox outbreaks.” (This information was in an article, “‘I literally screamed out loud in pain’: my two weeks of monkeypox hell,” by Sebastian Köhn as told to Wilfred Chan in the Guardian, July 23, 2022.)

    Also, just so people, according to the New Yorker (“The Agony of an Early Case of Monkeypox,” by Ngofeen Mputubwele, July 23, 2022), there were monkeypox outbreaks in the US in 2003, mostly in the Midwest and caused by prairie dogs, and in Texas and Maryland in 2021. So it is not only associated with MSMs like the current outbreak, but this one seems to be spreading much faster and more widely, along sexual networks.

    Please be careful out there, get vaccinated if you can, and if you’re not feeling well get tested to be sure you don’t have it (or Covid-19).

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