I Guess My Blood Has A Little Chilli In It

I hate family who doesn’t do anything for you…
but can brag their asses off.


I seriously hate that shit.
They never call you to see how you are doing,
but will call you every couple of months to update you on what THEY are doing.

Just now my aunt called me,
after not hearing from her for a while,
and she commences to get on a bragging extravaganza I did not sign up for….

She has decided she is opening up some kind of restaurant and wanted to update me on whats she was doing.
She decided to call me in the middle of moving boxes into the place.

Aren’t you busy?

When I called her when I was at my lowest for help,
when my computer died and I needed help getting a new one,
she was not there for me at all.
She was in the process of installing a pool that has still not even been built.
It didn’t help that I found out some things about her that has made me look at her in a different light altogether.

From the start, she was went in.
Didn’t ask me how I was doing, or what has been up.
I sort of had to jump in and try not to get hit with any stray gloating.

“well i have a website that i write for…
looking for sponsorships and things like that….”

I could hear her getting ready to form an excuse like I was calling to ask for money.

“I’m am looking into companies now to sponsor me…”

Then, I sort of went in with my other accomplishments
without revealing too much,
so I could shut her down.
I hated doing it…
(well, not really….)
But I went in.

“oh… well… that is nice,” dry ass reply 1.
“well i see that we are all getting into our money making, huh?” dry ass reply 2.

She proceeded to shut up and catch a mini tude.

I countered her bragging darts with a accomplishment cannon.
Blew her whole shit out the water.
I may not be opening in a store,
but I am working on an empire.

After I hung up, I smiled.
For once, I am actually on top of my shit and working on never needing help again.

I started to think about family.
Some can be there; some don’t even exist.
Why is this?
I called the hell out that bitch’s phone when I needed help.
No answer.
But now, she thinks she can blow up my phone on some bragging shit?
Why is it that the biggest liars, thieves, and braggarts can actually be in our own bloodline?
┬áIn the grand scheme of things…

Can your blood really be tomato sauce?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “I Guess My Blood Has A Little Chilli In It”

  1. Some people in my family are the same way. They always want to call when things are going well for them, and by the time the conversation was over, you’re the one who feels like shit. They are becoming selfish to the point that they won’t even answer the phone because they think you want money and shit. SMH. Blood is thicker than water, but sometimes I think it’s the other way around.

  2. I talk to my mom about this tonight. Some people feel secure in themselves bragging and boasting. My aunt is the SAME way and I cut her short EVERY time. I’d rather starve then to ask her for anything. I know deep down inside she is unhappy with her life and her actions show it. I wouldn’t spill tea because it’s family but I KNOW what’s in her closet, you feel me? You can’t make me feel bad about mines. I had a friend who used to do that to me. I would talk about the progression with my blog and he would INSTANTLY change the subject and talk about his blog which is no way on the same level as mines nor is it in the same category. I finally came out and called him out on it. Family is family but you don’t have to like them to love them.

  3. Damn Jamari this post spoke so many volumes to me cause I have people like this in my family who i never hear from unless they are calling to brag and just like you i shut those asses down with a quickness and turn the tables and make them feel less than shit cause if you have to brag that much it shows you really aint doing shit and your not happy in your life so you have to try to make it seem better than what it really is. people need to understand that bragging is very short lived thats why people do it constantly to try to make their asses stay relevant

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