another death in mi family

my sister’s aunt passed away last thursday.
i was sitting in my crib legit wondering what to do with myself.
i think i was about to play a video game when i got the text from her number.

“Homegoing services for __________________ …”

i was like WTF?
i called and her niece told me she passed.
her daughter died just earlier this year too.
it’s crazy because

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died before she could speak to (mi)

my foxy senses are intense these days.
more intense than normal.
i seem to pick up people’s energy really quickly nowadays.
lately at work,
i’ve been feeling like an outcast at the “cool table” at work.
that shouldn’t bother me because i’ve always been an outcast.
with some of the straight wolves at my job,
i can feel the distance from them.
even with some males and foxholers i converse with online.
it’s a weird season for me.
as i was coming home on the train today,
i had some really intense energy about mi.
in my head,
i got these random thoughts that she had died or something…

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“Bad Association Spoils Useful Habits” (or May Just Rob Your Crib)

tumblr_nkehpmGijP1rirxvyo1_500i could not ever hear that phrase growing up.
well not the “rob your crib” part.
my parents,
mother especially,
use to throw that out when i met someone new.
i liked to hang with the bad forest dwellers.
they were always cautious of who i brought into my life.
i didn’t listen and of course,
a hard head makes for a soft ass.
there are people that are pretending to be your friends right now in your life.
you won’t know they was fakin’ until some shit goes down.
well according to this report,
it maybe the same for our chris brown.
oh chris…
his crib was robbed last night and well…
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I Guess My Blood Has A Little Chilli In It

I hate family who doesn’t do anything for you…
but can brag their asses off.


I seriously hate that shit.
They never call you to see how you are doing,
but will call you every couple of months to update you on what THEY are doing.

Just now my aunt called me,
after not hearing from her for a while,
and she commences to get on a bragging extravaganza I did not sign up for….

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