“Bad Association Spoils Useful Habits” (or May Just Rob Your Crib)

tumblr_nkehpmGijP1rirxvyo1_500i could not ever hear that phrase growing up.
well not the “rob your crib” part.
my parents,
mother especially,
use to throw that out when i met someone new.
i liked to hang with the bad forest dwellers.
they were always cautious of who i brought into my life.
i didn’t listen and of course,
a hard head makes for a soft ass.
there are people that are pretending to be your friends right now in your life.
you won’t know they was fakin’ until some shit goes down.
well according to this report,
it maybe the same for our chris brown.
oh chris…
his crib was robbed last night and well…

Chris Brown’s house was hit early Wednesday morning in a home invasion robbery and the robbers held his aunt at gunpoint, locked her in a closet and turned the place upside down … TMZ has learned.

It went down at around 2:00 AM at the San Fernando Valley house Chris just bought. Three armed men forced their way in the house and found the aunt, put a gun in her face and ordered her into the closet. Law enforcement tells us the home invaders then ransacked the house, took money and other property and fled.

The aunt called 911 and cops raced to the scene, but the robbers were long gone.

Chris was not home at the time … instead, our photogs shot Chris at the Argyle, a club in Hollywood where he was hosting a pre-ESPY party. The time codes indicate Chris got to the club around 12:30 AM and left at 2:13 AM … just as the break-in was going down.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, the 3 home invasion robbers targeted the house knowing it was owned by Chris Brown. ¬†We’re told when they were speaking with Chris’ aunt they told her they knew Chris owned the property.


that definitely sounds like an “inside job”.
well chris seems like he always has “everyone” in his crib.
the friends of the #fruitz
chris also seems like he is a friendly wolf.
they know when he buys something new and where he keeps it.
this is why i don’t like so much foot traffic in my crib.
you never know who is plottin’ on you.
its time for a cleanse.

“a forest cleanse”.
time to detox all the hanger oners and dead weight.
keep your circle small.
also not everyone needs to know where you stay.
i had to wonder what if chris was home when this went down?
what if he had royalty with him?
that could have gone completely left.

article taken: tmz

9 thoughts on ““Bad Association Spoils Useful Habits” (or May Just Rob Your Crib)

  1. This is sad to hear I’m glad nobody got hurt, it had to be an inside job. My parents used to say becareful who you let in your house because you don’t know what kind of vibes they are being with them. You place is supposed to be one if peace not troubles.

  2. I remember seeing pics of Chris driving Karrueche & her friends around in a drop-top. Knowing how a lot of ladies like to set dudes up to get robbed by pineapples, it could’ve been one of them in cahoots with a random street jackal.

    Quick! somebody call Mystery Inc.

    1. Damn they back together? I saw pictures of him and it looks like he’s back on that stuff. SMH!

  3. I believe it had to be some “friends” because according to a research friends, relatives and workers are most likely to rob your home. My mom’s ex-gf robbed my home before.

      1. ^Amen to that!! They see you have something nice…you better believe they’re gonna try and take it. Family is quick to act like you HAVE TO do something for them, or that you OWE THEM for something. Get out of my face with that BS ’cause I don’t have time for it. As I’ve said before, I did some SERIOUS “house cleaning” over past number of years, and I’ve had to let MANY “associates” move on from my life because I found out that they were not true friends. They may have been considered friends at one point, and I use that term loosely, but they quickly became associates. I have a new and VERY small circle now, and even some of them are on thin ice. I don’t like people who only contact you when they want something. I’m past that stage, and if you can’t give me something of substance…I have no place for you in my life. You can call me any name you want to.
        My father was always quick to tell us that person isn’t your friend. We would say you just met him/her so how can you say that?
        Of course he would always be right. He called it on my ex-best friend.
        Do they have some kinda sixth sense?!! LOL

      2. Yes Christian! Luckily, I’ve always had a good sense of who my true friends were, ive never had any issues, my friends on the other hand ended up being bad at making friends and bringing that drama into my life smh lol.

        Idk, some people are just so obviously not “friend” material yet people still choose to not see that these people are bat-shit crazy. The second I sense crazy I’m out.

        I need substance too, always have, always will. I’m too sarcastic and critical for that shallow shit. Luckily one of my few gifts is reading people and interpretation so its pretty easy for me.

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