tumblr_nri4odBaxI1u7yiy4o1_540…like how much truth is ^this?
my mother use to grab the vicks and slather it on me.
she also tried to make me drink buckleys.
that tasted like straight up black plague,
but it worked tho.
i always try to keep vicks in my medicine cabinet.
rub it on,
wear some heavy clothing,
and prepare to sweat it out.
i loved reading all of these #growingupblack nostalgia on twitter.
black folks are a resourceful bunch aren’t we?
oh and how about this:


i don’t care if you going to school on a stretcher.

you going.”

another favorite was:

“look we going in this store.
i have no money.
don’t look at nothing and don’t ask me to buy anything.
do i make myself clear?”.

…and here go my ass.
looking at some toy and forgetting what was said in the car.
it was usually followed by the look of DEATH.something similar to this:

ray-j-gifgood times.

lowkey: only “us” can turn spam into fine dining.
okay don’t act like your parents ain’t never cooked up some spam and rice.

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “#GrowingUpBlack”

  1. The growing up gay one had me in stitches! Leaving the interested in section empty on Facebook. Lmfao!!!!

  2. Growing up black; plastic bags was more than a grocery bag from the supermarket. That shit was the garbage bag, shower cap, hot oil treatment cap and plastic bag holder for other plastic bags inside.

    1. Oh you had me rolling with this one omg! No look I bet you remember this one,remember the Crown Royal bag that the spare change went into? Or the record jacket that the vinyl records went in was used as a dust pan? Now that’s black nostalgia for yo ass!!!! Lol!

  3. You city kids!!! What you know about Watkins Menthol-Camphor Medicated Cough Suppressant and Pain Reliever? That shit makes Vix feel like Chapstick!

  4. Try having to swallow some cod liver oil everytime winter, before u had a cold. Guess I it worked though, because we never got sick no matter how long we stayd outsid rd playin in the cold

    1. YES TO THE COD LIVER OIL! That shit tasted down right putrid! That and echinechea then some green tea with lemon, then after that oregano extract! we did the all-natural shit LOL!


      And to this day i still HATE VICKS! UGH!

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