Caitlyn Jenner Is Going To Look Like A “Pretty Pretty Princess” Tonight!

caitlyn-jenner-red-car-6715tonight is going to be the “caitlyn jenner” show.

well she is going to receive the “arthur ashe courage award” tonight at the ’15 espys.
word on the forest,
this is her date:

…fellow trans,
candis cayne.
why did i think she would be dating a wolf?
candis is pretty tho.
caitlyn also allegedly hired angelina jolie’s stylist.
i’m sure “that whole family” will show up to support as well.
this should be pretty interesting tonight.
1327426805701160293it all goes down on abc at 8pm/et tonight!

lowkey: i’m about to be a “kardashian” myself.
i’m there for all the pre/baller wolves i’m trying to smash in the future.

lets get them loaded up.
ain’t all of them are training camp????

x see more about the ’15 espys here

pictures credited: vanity fair | david livingston/getty images for ama

Author: jamari fox

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