Dance Like We’re Practicing Abstinence

giphyi don’t want to practice that dance.
i want to dance to:

*insert some ratchet jamari foolishness here*

well ciara released her new video “dance like we’re making love” and well…
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Is “Caitlyn Jenner” The Perks of Keeping Up With The Kardashians?

tumblr_nrn1zbovRm1uy0b3do1_1280even tho the ratings for 2015 espys dominated with 7.7 million wednesday night,
the real question is:

Did Caitlyn Jenner pull the okey doke on us?

well the daily mail is suggesting we were.
there is a story brewing about how caitlyn actually got this “arthur ashe courage award”.
this is what the daily mail is alleging from a story posted on radaronline
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Caitlyn Jenner Is Going To Look Like A “Pretty Pretty Princess” Tonight!

caitlyn-jenner-red-car-6715tonight is going to be the “caitlyn jenner” show.
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APB: The Wolf At The ESPYS After Party

apbwhodisthis wolf is handsome.
he has big hands too.
well an f-bi attended the espys party as him last week.
does anyone know who he is?

at first i thought it was metta world peace,
but not so much.
if anyone knows,
is he a free agent baller wolf?
or is he currently playing?
or is he just a good looking nobody who was in attendance?
since the foxhole knows all,
i thought i’d ask since he doesn’t look familiar to me.

lowkey: i have some espy party pictures i will post tomorrow.