Speak To Us ( perseverance vs courage )

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 11.02.02 PMeveryone was talking about the espys speeches of devon still and caitlyn jenner.
out of both of them…

devon still’s  “jimmy v perseverance award” speech:


caitlyn jenner’s “arthur ashe courage award speech:


…more people were really feeling devon’s more.
that was the verdict i got today.
i’m sure it was different for other forests,
but i personally felt more emotional from devon.
not to take away from caitlyn tho.
she gave a good speech.
why she look like she’d have good candy/snacks at her house?
just a random thought i had as she spoke.

lowkey: why do i feel like…
people didn’t want to look like they were judgin’ during caitlyn’s speech.
df2c05837ced789cc5b515e6123b1c35…although some didn’t do a good job.

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9 thoughts on “Speak To Us ( perseverance vs courage )”

  1. It breaks my heart to see an innocent child pass away 🙁 But I like to imagine she living a better life just like in Pan’s Labyrinth

  2. God, I can’t imagine what that man and his poor little girl are going through. They are so strong. I’m glad to hear that she’s fighting it, and winning. Let’s keep hope alive for them. I couldnt imagine what that must be like to hear that as a parent.

  3. I felt more for Devon and Caitlyn seemed a little drunk. Slurred more than a few words. It’s disrespectful that folks are still saying Bruce. How hard is it to call someone by their preferred name.

  4. I felt a stronger connection to Devon because I lost my mother to breast cancer.So I am familiar with rounds of chemo,radiation,remission,etc
    On a sidenote who is the guy sitting next to Ciara with the bald head.

  5. Devon wins, no question.

    I now realize Caitlyn is only obsessed w/ her appearance as a woman. She believes womanhood is all about hair, makeup, and designer clothes rather than doing the actual social work as a trans activist, like a Laverne Cox or Janet Mock.
    I’m already over her.

    1. Actually Caitlyn has visited and met with several trans groups in San Francisco,LA, and in NYC.She had never met a Trans woman until this year.She is just now being introduced to the community.Laverne and Janet didn’t start doing activist work until years after transitioning.Janet has lived as a woman for 20 years.Caitlyn has lived as a woman for 3 months.

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