barack obama sets trump on fire

one of my home-wolves told me he might vote for trump.
i felt my hand rise up to slap him even tho we were on the phone.

“I don’t know anything about Biden.
At least we know about Trump…”

i slapped and dropped an anvil on his head in my mind.
barack obama is the greatest ex we ever had.
i’m saying it.
we didn’t agree with some of his polices,
but when you can make a speech like this
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Lena Waithe Wants All Her Peers In Hollywood To Come Out The Closet

i hate when some of the fellow gays do this.
not the fist pump,
smart ass.
that “not minding their own business” thing.
the ones who are out,
but begging for others to come out to make the world better.
lena waithe is who i’m talking about today.
she is an out actress/writer for “masters of none” and “the chi”.
she had a lot to say during the “essence black women in hollywood awards luncheon” on thursday.
this is what she said via “usa today”
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“I Loved You Since I Was 22” (Start “I’m Still a G” Tears)

tumblr_ocoqfop48K1u5zp1po1_400can i tell you ^this part was my favorite?
drake gets up on that stage and put it all on the line for rihanna.
he didn’t care that they would drag him online.
he went for it and i think she took it.
check the full speech
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Meet The “Should Have Been The Next President”, Michelle Obama!

how beautiful is michelle obama?
i’m going to miss her being first lady.
she was so much fun compared to the others.

let’s hit her speech at the dnc one mo’ gin…
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Your Next First Lady Melania Trump!

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 7.29.18 PMwow.
so donald trump’s wife,
melania trump,
is looking like a designer imposter.

well you be the judge.
she had her speech at the “republican national convention” last night.
it’s funny because the internet heard the same speech before.
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Jesse Williams For President (Everyone Else Go Home)

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 7.28.24 PMcan we talk about jesse williams now?
actor by day; super hero by fight.

you know i had to give him a special entry.
how amazing was his speech last night at the 2016 bet awards?
he was there to accept his humanitarian award,
but who knew he came to give the black community a much needed dragging?
if you didn’t watch,
or did,
i want you to see it as many times as possible…
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