Meet The “Should Have Been The Next President”, Michelle Obama!

how beautiful is michelle obama?
i’m going to miss her being first lady.
she was so much fun compared to the others.

let’s hit her speech at the dnc one mo’ gin…


“when they go low,
we go high.” – my new life quote.

i love her.
she had the other chicks trying to copy her words with their terrible english.
she should be the next president to be perfectly honest.
ima need you to put your bid in mama!

lowkey: am i the only one not interested in any presidential candidate?

*photo credited: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “Meet The “Should Have Been The Next President”, Michelle Obama!”

  1. Nothing but love and respect for her not only is she smart but she’s been active been able to be a part of things in a very modern way

  2. We will probably never see another First Lady like her in our lifetime. So moving and intriguing! Geesh!!!

  3. She is a fantastic First Lady and a role model. I’d MUCH rather see HER as the candidate than Clinton-ugh, but her speech was moving and very eloquent. I expect no less from a woman of her caliber. She never disappoints.
    As Dee says: she really set the bar high, and should be the standard bar for all First Ladies.

    Love her!

  4. Michelle is everything!!! A once in a lifetime first lady. Poise, articulation, grace and class. She truly is Baracks counterpart in every way. Black women should have felt taller, braver, more beautiful and valid after watching that speech last night. She owned the room from her first word. The endearing way she describes her girls, the way she empowered Hillary, the way she slayed Trump without so much as a name drop. But, when you know someone for their works, no names are needed.

  5. Michelle wasn’t some mindless trophy wife behind her husband like some other First Ladies. She’s modest, but she was a partner through it all. She set the bar high as hell; natural beauty, fitness, educated, intelligent, I could keep going. She would have never had a Melanie Trump slip up because she’s highly involved in whatever she does.

  6. I have never met this woman. But something about her on screen presence, her wisdom, the way she carry herself, and her aura is beyond beautiful. She’s the kind of person if I met in person I would cry of joy lol

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