Victor Cruz Will Stand While Colin Kaepernick Sits

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his thighs…
i can’t.
okay so baller wolf of the ny giants,
victor cruz,
is doing his own set of talking.
he isn’t in support of colin kaepernick’s current movement.
he feels colin is completely out of pocket for not respecting the flag.
this is what victor had to say last saturday via usa today

“I think, personally, the flag is the flag. Regardless of how you feel about the things that are going on in America today and the things that are going on across the world with gun violence and things like that. You’ve got to respect the flag and stand up with your teammates. It’s bigger than just you, in my opinion. I think you go up there. You’re with your team, and you pledge your allegiance to the flag and the national anthem as a team, and then you go about your business, whatever your beliefs are. Colin is his own man. He decided to sit down and sit out and that’s his prerogative. But from a personal standpoint, I think you have to stand out there with your team and understand that this is a game and understand that what’s going on in the country.”

funny he says that.
has he started respecting his fiance and “dust to side chicks”?
( x take a peek back here )
even though he is entitled to his opinion,
just keep looking pretty victor.

“no comment”
“i may not agree with his decision to sit,
but i respect colin for his views on the issue.”

….or a simple ignore all of it would have sufficed.


article credited: usa today

15 thoughts on “Victor Cruz Will Stand While Colin Kaepernick Sits

  1. Victor Cruz has always been a class act. I’m glad he’s calling Kaepernick out on his bullshtt!

    Colin wasn’t concerned with “Black oppression” when his ass was a starting QB appearing in superbowls. What he’s doing is more about his own selfishness. He wants to be traded because he’s now a backup bench warmer who can’t adjust to the new offensive playbook. I find it laughable who so many “stay woke” black gay men break their necks to support people who wouldn’t be seen in the same room as a known gay man. But carry on..

    1. ZZZZZZZZZ….all that shit you’re talking is deflection away from the SOURCE of his issue. Perhaps he, just as the rest of us who have eyes and and can see are overwhelmed with the blatant and unapologetic violence prosecuted by “law enforcement.” You don’t know his consciousness, or his values, which he has stated clearly and articulately. Wrap your ass in a flag and sing we shall overcome, coon assed negropean. Then to conflate political political protest with homosexuality. I’M MELINATED FIRST, sexuality IS NOT AN IDENTITY. Keep sucking dick, it’s a better use of your mouth!

      1. @Nevets

        Aww what’s da matter? Did my comment make you angry? Good! I know I’m speaking the truth when some “stay woke” homosexual on the Internet starts pounding the keyboard with caps locked while telling me go suck on a male’s genitalia.


  2. This isn’t surprising me I think I’ve said it before but a lot of these athletes seem to not put color first. A lot of the ones of color to think of themselves as an athlete not as a black football player or a black gymnastics but just as an athlete first. Victor Cruz is one of those players that has been excepted by white media and black media I see him in GQ magazine and even Glamour.

    To be honest I think he wants that Acceptance That he’s willing to forgo his blackness a bit just to be part of the status quo.

    1. Nah Mikey, they put color first…the color GREEN! For most athletes, they come from poverty and they don’t want to go back, although most spend foolishly enough that they do end up broke once they stop playing. So anything to prevent them from getting paid, they’re not going to roll with it. Colin is on his own with this fight. It’s a losing battle because he is fighting the color green, not just white…and that color trumps ANY color in our society.

  3. I just think it’s funny because everyone is screaming how unpatriotic this is BUT NO one is addressing the numbers of homeless veterans and etc. The same people who are bashing him would be the first out in public avoiding the homeless vets. When i worked in the homeless shelter I came across it. Many of these men and women go off to war, return emotionally broken and are discarded like trash, yet they’re more enraged about a damn anthem…

  4. I try to think very logically and rationally about life and how myself and others look at it. Cruz may personally feel the same as Colin does, but does not want to go against this government for fear of losing his career or endorsements. But that same fear is the same thing that shouldnmt exist in a country that has free speech. That being said, if that fear exists, then it stands to reason that this is not the land of the free. He should ask himself as a man of color when will he draw the line for what is tolerable and what is not? The average Black person seldom cares about the trouble thier neighbor is facing until that same trouble shows up at thier door. That mindset has to change and soon.

  5. A lot of players are dragging Colin. One white player was REAL heated! I thought he would start looking for Colin to give him a beatdown right then and there! LOL
    Funny thing is that so many people don’t live by the ideals of the Pledge, particularly the white folks, that it’s a wonder many other people don’t stand.

    “One nation under god..” Hmmm
    “Indivisible..” Hmmm
    “With Liberty & justice for all” Hmmm

    While we have many liberties that other nations/countries do not…it looks like Colin may have a considerable point.

  6. Okay as a citizen of the United States that means we can sit down and not say the pledge, that means we can agree to disagree. The part that kills me is Colin decided to not say the pledge in honor of all of the racial discrimination and police brutality that occurs, the critics told him he’s not oppressed than preceded to call him niggers and etc. When we give our talents and etc we’re American, but when we lend our voices we’re niggers. Beyonce was America’s sweetheart then she released Formation and whites are calling her race baiter and anti police. Colin played his ass off and EARNED his status as a player and was celebrated now when he’s not saying the pledge it’s WW3 BUT when a man by the name of Donald Trump does the same thing it’s fine, and He’s aiming to become PRESIDENT!!!! Then when Ryan Lochte embarrassed the hell out of America with his antics in Brazil his actions were simply dismissed as ‘Boys will be boys” but when an man of color decides to NOT say the pledge everyone is down his throat. I have family members and friends who have served this great country and they ALL said they’re fighting for people to have that right…FREEDOM to do as he or she chooses. Yall want me to stand and honor a flag while cities across the nation with predominantly black populations have had poisoned water for decades. Where black men were willing injected with syphilis and experimented on. Where out President has been vehemently disrespected since day one of his presidency simply because of his color…And i dare someone white to tell me to live when MY ANCESTORS and people bult this damn country…sorry about the rant I’m just so TIRED of MY PEOPLE being disrespected simply because WE USE our VOICE…Victor Cruz better sit down before he HAS his NIGGER WAKE UP CAL…Paul Mooney said it best every celeb gets their NIGGA WAKE UP CALL..Bill Cosby, Kanye, Oprah (when she went to the store in Paris and was denied entry simply because she was black and when they realized it was her they were apologetic..We are not treated the same and we don’t have the same abilities…Prime example the NFL has black and latino players but the owners of the corporation are predominantly, if not ALL white

    1. Speak on it! As a matter of fact, there are no black NFL owners at all. As white men did back in slavery, they use us for our services and benefit from it. Just because Kaepernick has money does not mean he is not oppressed. Money does not buy you rights in a country that is ruled and controlled by white people, and this is something the new blacks with money and status need to understand as well. A black man with money may get him in the door of a building of whites, but that does not mean he will get to sit with them. You will still be sitting in the back table in the corner.

    2. Come on Brother Malcolm, you have me smiling tonight, this was everything, I have nothing else to say except why are these people not this upset about Police Brutality against People of Color. DeWhite People never have nothing to say about that, they use all of their energy to justify the brutality.

    3. “When we give our talents and etc we’re American, but when we lend our voices we’re niggers.” You hit the nail right on the head. You’re so right.

  7. He’s the very issue with this country. He’s trying to justify sitting with his tail between his legs and kissing ass. Instead of trying to push a decent agenda like Colin, he used his chance of speaking to talk bad about him. Colin chose not to stand to send a message for people, not for himself.

    We’ve been given freedom of speech, yet blacks are still standing for an anthem celebrating slavery and war.

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