Victor Cruz Will Stand While Colin Kaepernick Sits

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his thighs…
i can’t.
okay so baller wolf of the ny giants,
victor cruz,
is doing his own set of talking.
he isn’t in support of colin kaepernick’s current movement.
he feels colin is completely out of pocket for not respecting the flag.
this is what victor had to say last saturday via usa today
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mental homework: (18)

tumblr_m5stn1WwyA1qbef7co1_500_largeas you know,
many of is are in the cold due to them denying unemployment.
the goverment thought it was a brilliant idea shut it down.
how fun is that?
well one of my favs,
old head,
left a comment under ( x put it all in your god box ) he wanted me to share.
take a look at what he said…
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