mental homework: (18)

tumblr_m5stn1WwyA1qbef7co1_500_largeas you know,
many of is are in the cold due to them denying unemployment.
the goverment thought it was a brilliant idea shut it down.
how fun is that?
well one of my favs,
old head,
left a comment under ( x put it all in your god box ) he wanted me to share.
take a look at what he said…

Every morning I’m on my knees giving thanks and praise to God. I also reaffirm my commitment to serve by using the talents with which I have been blessed to make this world a better place. All too often I think we rely too much on prayer. I believe God wants us to use the skills and talents with which we have been blessed to get up off our knees and do the work to make things better.

The other day the U.S. Senate fell one (1), just one vote short in its attempt to restore much needed unemployment benefits to over a million people whose benefits expired the first of the year and millions more whose benefits will soon expire.

A couple of months ago I laid out on here a blue print of action all of us needed to take. How many in the foxhole contacted their members of Congress? How many reached out to relatives and friends in those states with representatives and senators who have shown us repeatedly what they think of us?

Marco Rubio of Florida voted against restoring unemployment. Did anyone contact friends in Florida to pressure him? Did anyone contact friends, relatives in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia? What about the members of the foxhole, themselves, who live in some of these places.

In the time it takes for us to post on here, we can pick up the phone, write an email to pressure these representatives. Brothers, that’s  how this democratic republic works; it’s how the world turns. The squeaky wheel gets the oil! I did my part, do it everyday, and will continue to my part. We lost by one vote! If you didn’t put forth the effort to reach out, kick yourself in the butt real hard! Now, let’s round up some more votes!

giphyto some,
it probably means nothing.
i’m sure you have judged myself and others.
deemed us as lazy or “not trying hard enough”.
well you can think what you please.
i can only speak on the cards ive been dealt.
never think you would EVER be in this situation.
it only takes one change of course to navigate you into bullshit.
like those baller wolves who thought they would be rich forever.
they get an injury,
and become yesterday’s news.
thank you oh for the mental homework.

lowkey: i keep asking myself if this should be a lesson to all those who voted repub?
 so eager for them to be in white house and now they turned on you.

5 thoughts on “mental homework: (18)

  1. As a liberal democrat, I have to tip my hats off to the Republican party because they are smart as hell, they are able to convince uneducated and poor whites to vote against their interest because they have convinced them that the Blacks and Mexicans are taking all their hard earned money and using it for Foodstamps and Welfare, not seeing that they have been getting fucked by these same white men for nearly 50 years. I actually used my Facebook to spread the word but not surprisingly the post only got a few likes or responses, its like people dont give a shit until it happens to them. I agree with old head if you dont make noise you will not be heard, just think about how when someone gets real “Ignant” in a store and how management rushes to appease them while they dont give any effort to those who stay in their place and are quiet. Seriously, the Democratic leadership in Congress is a bunch of pussies as well and they keep letting the Republicans roll over them and always try to place nice with them, our President included, you cant play nice with a snake because he is going to eventually bite you. We are so fixated on a diet of reality TV shows and junk food, that we have turned into pathetic fat asses who dont make a peep as the top 1% are literally sucking the life out of us and making us slaves so that they can continue to be rich and we continue to have nothing but a life of misery. The Republican party will continue to do the bidding of the 1% until we finally stand up and put their asses in check, they dont even worry about us anymore because they know we wont vote, we sit back as they continue to strip away more rights from us and continue to give no fucks for the common man. When all people at the bottom no matter what their race come together and demand action maybe some real change can take place, we are scared to take to the streets like they do in these other countries, if we did these sorry bastards who run our country will turn this around in a matter of days.

  2. I’m in Oakland, California. Both of my Senators–Feinstein and Boxer–are not the problem. And my representative–Barbara Lee–is not the problem so I can’t help you by writing or calling.

    Yes, it’s the TeapubliKlan Party that’s the problem. They get people to vote for them by “God, gays and guns” to a large degree and the lazy, criminal blacks too boot. They tell their voters that God doesn’t like the abortionist sinners and gay sinners that their opponent favors, so vote for them. They tell their voters that their opponent is for gay marriage and the break down of the family and pedophilia (by gays, of course!), so vote for them. They tell their voters that their opponent will take their guns away, so vote for them. And they tell their voters that their opponent wants to take from their pockets their hard earned money and give it to the lazy, criminal blacks and be soft on those criminals, so vote for them to keep more of “your” money and to protect you from and not “coddle” criminals. They have been selling their BS for years and it still works like new!

  3. People who vote for Republicans make me laugh because they don’t realize the consequence. Republicans only think about themselves and that should have been a clue right there. But nooooo, the red states love republicans because they hate gays and pro-religious and it no wonder why the U.S. is classified as one the dumbest country.

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