The Brawl, Know It All Brats, and Back Breakin

even tho i am sick as a dog right now,
i could not wait to get into my programs last night.
well (some spoilers)….

tumblr_n0rrtw0V5L1rwuk64o1_500ya know…
#rhoa was like i met a sexy attention whore from insatgram.
i waited to get the “d”,
built myself up because his body made me ready,
and he didn’t make me cum.
hell he didn’t even know what a “g spot” was.
i felt underwhelmed.
like i kept saying,
“that’s it?”.
the continuation of “the brawl”<<<<<<<

x watch #rhoa here


#thewalkingdead was GREAT!
good comeback winter opener.
loved everything with michonne>>>>
hershel’s head<<<<<
carl was getting on my nerves tho.
like he nearly died about 50-11 times.
“i don’t need you.”
um yes you do fool.
lost his shoe and everything.
sat down carl.
let michonne and rick handle the heavy lifting.
he was talkin real wreckless to rick too.
don’t think he won’t beat your ass in a zombie apocalypse carl.
besides michonne,
why do they make the females on this show so stupid?
i can see judith’s babysitter is gonna be the one everyone will talk about.
she is starting off like an idiot in those woods.

x watch #thewalkingdead here

everything hannah was feeling is how i feel right now.
her trying to be a writer,
having to get a job,
realizing her dreams are slippin,
and hearing how those people she works with are stuck.
i felt that!
lowkey i know way too many people like that.
well look one of my dreams is to work at gq magazine.
i wouldn’t be as dramatic as she was,
but i cried for her when she was bawling at her desk.
i feels you hannah!!!!!
i feeled-ed you!!!
shoshana getting her back broke on the couch>>>>>
telling dude pull her hair>>>>>
the snow wolf who was doing the back breakin>>>>>
it made me kinda horny.
shoshana is completely turned out.
jessa would be proud.

tumblr_n0rftnKahl1t8wsm5o1_500i dunno how i feel about marnie and ray tho.

x watch #girls here

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