Sometimes You’re A Total Queen


a word typically used to describe a “stereotypical messy gay man”.
queens come in many shapes,
and colors.
the super feminine or “no he can’t be gay!” masculine.
queen is the life’s “nigga”.
another word i use to describe ignorant blacks.
so when i was watching rhoa last night…
nene leaked kept calling kenya’s friend a “queen”.
the one who was defending her from that ol dude who grabbed her.
BgE_BZ9IQAAn4YNsorry i couldn’t resist.
anytime she had to describe him,
it was always followed by how she thought he was a queen.
well everyone had their boxer briefs in a bunch after the episode.
she’s an enemy now?
02-Porsha-Killer-Eyesoh ok.
well i’m glad this was the unofficial “gay man” wake up call.
some of these females are only using you.
i been saying it.

personally speaking,
her friend did not come off like a queen.
he acted more of a man than any one of them who were in the room.
has apollo defended his wife against chuck’s allegations?
why was peter all up in kandi’s face?
where was the punch from todd to peter?
how scary was chuck behind his wife?
is greg nene’s bitch?
who is christopher williams?
i thought nene was way out of line (as usual),
but then again,
she is a woman who thinks ALL gay men act the same.
so every mood swing,
every emotion,
every physical action,
and every thing that is considered “feminine” is now enhanced when you’re gay.
well a queen.
what if apollo did the same thing brandon did for phaedra?

so i had to wonder after last night’s episode,
can we really get mad at nene for calling brandon a queen?
hell at any woman who calls you a “queen” once things go south?
she lives in a state where all she encounters are that.
even tho i have always thought she is a raging dumb ass,
she is an ignorant raging dumb ass due to her surroundings.
all the “queens” love her.
she is their queen.
they bow down and love her messiness.
it reminds them of their own messiness.
the stereotypical loud black woman and her stereotypical loud black queens.
that is all she sees and all she knows.
it kinda reminds me of white people and the word “nigga”.
“nigga” has no hurtful meaning anymore remember?
its 2014 and white people love them some black culture.
they are comfortable using the word since its everywhere.
can you really get mad when that word has become so mainstream now?
just like being gay and the stereotypical queens that come with it?
i’m glad gay men who are masculine are starting to show face,
but i had to wonder no matter how masculine we are

Are we all “queens” to the straights?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Sometimes You’re A Total Queen”

  1. Yea, we are all queens to most straights, but that is not the case. What about the down low men who are cheating on their girlfriends with men? I got a couple homies like that. What about the discreet men like me who make women weak in the knees? The point is, a lot of us are undetectable. People need to get their facts straight before they talk.

    Nene said all that shit. However, while she was shooting The New Normal last season, she made a comment on the show about gays not being accepted and all that shit, and how they deserve rights and stuff. That is why Kenya is slowly taking over the show. I only watch for Kandi, Kenya, Cynthia, and Porsha. The rest dont matter.

  2. Ugh she clutching for straws that’s all. On pretty sure all the “queens” who do her hair an make up will leave her looking a mess

  3. Aint it amazing that so many things we have discussed on a regular basis have come to play out in popular culture. Many on here have said for years that women really dont like your flamboyant asses other than for superficial reasons. Nene Leakes is no different, she is just a loud obnoxious uneducated buffoon who makes for good ratchet TV. Im glad she showed her true colors to all. I use to like her as well but she started turning me off with her hateful spirit. I can see that she is slowly descending into oblivion and will be left with nothing but a bad reputation, these queens are gonna learn about thinking these women really care about them, they are looking at yall like competition for dick so they will never really like you. If the white queens come for head it will be over for her, I wonder whats Miss Andy thinks about this revelation.

  4. I believe that gay men really need to be careful with straight women. In a lot of cases, they are not really there for you. Nene is a prime example of this type of behavior. She’s the type that secretly resents gay men for whatever reason regardless of what her lips says. Nene has proven that she is the type that will turn on a dime when one of the gays gets out of line in her warped sense of reality.

    She couldn’t rely on her own ingenuity to bring her so called character to life. She co-opted black gay culture and made it a central platform for her success. She’s a vulture plain and simple. Class-less,,petty, tacky, immature, and too old for her shenanigans! I hope that the brothers wake up and realize that people like her are to be avoided at all cost. Don’t tell them your business. Don’t teach them how to read and throw shade. Leave their asses alone! Who would she be without the countless gays that she has used and stepped over to get to where she is?

    1. ^^^Well said. Linnethia (yes I used her government name lol) is nothing but a bully that doesn’t give af about the gay community. She’s loud, obnoxious, ignorant, and a ratchet mess. She needs to go away. Maybe they can get rid of her and bring Kim back…

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