Before You Open That Big Mouth To Bring Him Down (Some Advice)

7 before you go cussin people with no filter,
because i can just see you flippin’ out on damn near everyone,
let me give you a few tips that have personally worked for me.
we’ll call this “how to use that mouth the right way 101”

  1. not everyone needs to feel the wrath of that mouth.
    remember what i said about karma and over steppin’ your boundaries?
    pick your battles wisely.
    ask yourself when you cuss whoever out,
    will it solve the issue?
    or will it look like you having a temper tantrum?
    these internet battles are great for 15 minutes of fame.
    but easily forgotten when the next scandal happens.
    when i got word people were stealing my blogging swagg,
    what would be the point of arguing with a couple fools?
    im glad people come here to get their dose of life.
    some go and try to re-create the dosage,
    but do what you must.
    at the end of the day you’re copying me.
    i barely recognize you.iZhAh1016OVg6
  2. people like sarcastic and witty people.
    they don’t like “rude people for no reason”.
    i’m naturally sarcastic.
    don’t do anything stupid in front of me because i will laugh at you.
    say something that doesn’t make any sense and i’ll probably glare at you like you’re an idiot.
    everyone gets my sarcasm at one point or another in their lives.
    wolves tend to get turned on by it.
    it never comes off rude because i know how to filter it.
    learn how to filter your rudeness because you can create silent enemies.
    i see bloggers trying to give advice on tumblr to people and they’re so fuckin’ rude.
    like reckless “um why are you even asking me this question?” rude.
    clearly you need a new profession.tumblr_inline_mx1upykjTl1qey279
  3. star fox taught me to cover the shit with sugar.
    the shit = the cuss out.
    the sugar = a compliment.
    a good example is when i had to get on left for going right one day:“ya know left,
    i think you are extremely smart and it shows in how dedicated you are to your education.
    i admire the fact that you are persistent in knowledge and thats all good.
    but i need you to do me a favor and learn you use your brain.
    it makes no sense that you make these silly mistakes and then complain about them.
    i really need you to find that light switch on your head and turn it on because it seems off right now.”

    sprinkle it over everything before it comes out your mouth.


  4. when you feel insulted,
    or someone says something that doesn’t feel right within your spirit,
    call em out on it that minute.
    i believe people try to test you when they first meet you.
    they will try that low key bullying shit to see how far they can go.
    stand toe to toe and don’t back down.
    they’ll end up respecting¬† you or not liking you.
    you shouldn’t give a fuck what the reaction is.
    they’ll know to watch their own mouth.tumblr_m1qx69pmji1r7r1l7o1_400
  5. you don’t need to be some wordsmith to cuss someone out.
    you also don’t need to know big words like you studied websters.
     stick the knife in,
    turn slightly for some pain,
    and leave a deep enough cut for them to remember.
    skilled people know what button to press.
    i am witty with the comebacks,
    but you really hurt me,
    i go for the jugular with no fucks to give.
    say a few words that i know will hurt you and walk away.
    they’ll always come back.

sorrya battle is like a card game.
know who you’re playing against.
also know when to throw out your biggest cards.
you won’t curse your boss out like you would someone you are dating.
some people need tact,
others need their head sliced off,
and the rest can get an ignore.
fuck feelings when someone tries to hurt yours.

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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  1. I so agree with what you said about going off on somebody and it looking like a temper tantrum. Sometimes that can make you look more foolish then the person who did wrong. That’s why when somebody pisses me off, I take a few days or even a few weeks to ignore them and cool off. Then when I gather my thoughts I can tell them exactly what I need to. It’s just like when they say don’t spank your child when you are angry, because you go overboard and they don’t get the real message.

  2. round of applause…standing ovation. Beautiful. they neeed ot respect that and bow down @#$%^

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