I Want To Walk Kerry Rhodes Plank

Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 5.33.18 PM…ummmm well kerry rhodes did say that was his plank position on his IG.
i was just wondering…
get your mind out the gutter why don’t cha.

lowkey: i tried to jump in the pool here in fl.
it was cold as hell.
i sat on the edge and put my feet in.
i guess jumping in is a YOLO situation,

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “I Want To Walk Kerry Rhodes Plank”

  1. He has an amazing figure. I am always instantly blown away by his body. I would love to watch him walk away from me in those spandex, yea that ass is nice lol. I wants me some of that lol. Kerry and I would turn a bedroom into a blazing inferno.

    My gut tells me that he is a good guy too. I hope he is doing well and making better choices regarding his dating life.

    1. Why not minus the spandex and then watch him walk away with his beautiful booty shaking cause that the only thing you gonna get because he is my man. Bedroom? Aww that’s cute I’m sure to think of you when he is fucking my brain out.

      All you bitches can look all you want, but you can’t have him. Sorry losers 😛

  2. I feel sorry for Kerry Rhodes. Hell hath no furry like a woman scorned . . . or like a messy queen scorned. That messy queen likely cost Kerry Rhodes millions of dollars! He should be boycotted: “No dick for you!”

    1. ^he threw all his best cards down.
      he wasn’t even a good villain to the story.
      he should be an example for everyone in this lifestyle who plans on being with baller wolves.

  3. Excuse me!?

    I’m gonna need you thirsty bitches to stop lusting after my man because he’s taken.You can smell me all over him.I mark my territory in metaphysical ways.I’m the one who took the picture.

    Back off or else I’ll call my cousin.I’m sure you’ve heard of her.Her name is Sharkiesha.She got sisters too.

      1. Ya’ll to much, I can’t believe you all are fighting over this dude and haven’t even tasted the dick. Now I see why peanut and Antwon were at odds.

  4. Sharkiesha won’t be coming to your defense boo lol because she’s going to be incarcerated yall didn’t hear she got charged… but all joking aside Kerry is truly an African king…so handsome so beautiful in spirit and truth he’s the epitome of what a gay black man would seek. I still don’t understand the whole story behind peanut trying to expose him, and i guess i never will. messy gays always get nice men like this and mess them up mentally, then the same kind of men run into good hearted men like myself and treat us like crap or become distant because they’re afraid of getting hurt again….

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