The Cameraman Knows Trevor Bernard’s Best Angle

i love when a cameraman knows what i want to see.
some of ya’ll work for the foxhole.
you ain’t low.
well one of marvin bienaime’s photo harem,
trevor bernard,
has taken off.
trevor did a whole memorial day video/photo shoot that went viral.

he appeared on abc7,
“lets talk live” in d.c.,
and this is what happened

but it wasn’t until this:

do you see how everything looks from that angle?
i couldn’t be a cameraman.
i’d be so reckless with the filming.
straight zooming in on prints and tails.

…ask me if i give a fuck?

3 thoughts on “The Cameraman Knows Trevor Bernard’s Best Angle

  1. his body is banging and all but a handsome face gets me every time and he has a great one plus his skin looks so smooth.

  2. Congrats to him for booking a role as a National Guard in Dwayne Johnson’s film Rampage.Congrats to the other guys Marvin has featured who have booked parts in Tyler Perry projects,Lee Daniels “Star”,etc.In this day and age casting agents look to social media, Instagram, as one of the ways to find new talent.So I am sure that’s why a lot of these guys go to Florida to be photographed by Marvin.

  3. shoo, let his ass get stranded somewhere in Atlanta and roadside assistance is already there! He should be a cast in the marvel too. I love his smile but too much, I guess camera shy.

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