The Model Wolf Who Loves His Nudity

with all these “all year around” summer bodies,
everyone wants to be a nudist now.
social media is the new “nude resort”.
snapchat being the place where they let it all hang out nowadays.
well a f-bi sent me a model wolf who likes to do just that.
his name is sandhurst and…

….he likes his lean bawdy

sandhurst was one of the hosts on a bravo show,
“tour group”.
i never heard of it.
he also was the runner up on the second season tyson’s show,
“make me a super model”.
never watched that one either.
i did watch this video tho:

sandhurst knows his angles.
his thigh and tail>>>>
i wonder if the full nudes are coming next?
i think that ruins it.
once you let it all hang out,
there is nothing left to be surprised about.
sandhurst does it creatively.
i’ll allow it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “The Model Wolf Who Loves His Nudity

  1. We finally get to see Sandhurst’s chocolate booty, bc they wouldnt show it while he was on that modeling show, a couple years back.

  2. I want to be at this level of just bawwdy confidence and etc. Plus I’m into the idea of the nudist movement.

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