Isaiah Williams Is An Ex Baller Wolf Meal

i love his hair,
among other things.
i love when a ex baller wolf still keeps himself together.
 isaiah williams,
who is pictured up ^above,
still looks like he plays in the nfl.
foto 119 got another good one on my radar.
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The Model Wolf Who Loves His Nudity

with all these “all year around” summer bodies,
everyone wants to be a nudist now.
social media is the new “nude resort”.
snapchat being the place where they let it all hang out nowadays.
well a f-bi sent me a model wolf who likes to do just that.
his name is sandhurst and…

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When The Meat Looks Like “Model & Hair Goals”

i’m loving the meat,
especially those juicy pecs,

but can we get into the hair?
direct me to his bedroom and bathroom.

Face Off At The Tyra School of Smize: Keith Carlos vs Tyson Beckford?

tyvskeithcalm down wolves!
foxi j hasn’t had his breakfast yet.
okay so if you didn’t know,
tyson beckford and keith carlos were born on the same day.
that day being today.
dec 19th.
keith has always acknowledged that he and ty ty were birthday twins.
well when keith went to go wish tyson a happy birthday today,
i guess he got this
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…and Then There Was Cj Jones (Trois)

cjjones…and another one from the lovely state of texas.
well cj jones is off to a good start.

he has gotten a pretty good boost from the foxhole.
thanks foxhole for having excellent taste in wolf.
foto119 has captured him perfectly in photos.
so i have a quick question in regards to the following photos.
since fall is coming up,
if cj wanted to rake the leaves on your lawn,
would you let him?..
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tumblr_mraak8dwzE1rj71puo1_500he is that model wolf that was modelling those tite drawz i posted many moons ago.
well i wanted to re-heat a few new shots of his sexy ass…

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