tumblr_mraak8dwzE1rj71puo1_500he is that model wolf that was modelling those tite drawz i posted many moons ago.
well i wanted to re-heat a few new shots of his sexy ass…

a la:

tumblr_m7gtpzyyjT1qi857wo2_250 tumblr_m7gtpzyyjT1qi857wo1_250 tumblr_m7gtpzyyjT1qi857wo4_250 tumblr_m7gtpzyyjT1qi857wo3_250i can’t remember what underwear brand he was modeling for,
but i’d let him modelling it again for a private viewing in my bedroom.
ya know for…

x this

x and this

x annnnnnd this

gif source: boi pussy

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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