Am I The Only One Tired of This One?

the-haves-and-the-have-nots_1_34_640x480_53bd41c65fb57…um can she get killed off tyler?
gun shot wound.
.hell i’ll even take alien abduction.

Abbey-Lee-Ive-Had-ITshe is so damn annoying.

lowkey: does quincy know that they are dating?

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12 thoughts on “Am I The Only One Tired of This One?”

  1. Do her like that girl from Family Matters. She there one season and then the next season everybody ignored the fact Amanda existed and don’t even dare bring up the girls name. She could be diagnosed with dementia and got lost in the woods. Although last week episode, I like the whole gun play and Quincy character together. I think tyler is trying to spice things up though.

  2. The writing, acting, and production on this show is just abysmal. I watch it in the same way I watch Love and Hip Hop. I know it’s garbage, but it gives me something to do.

    Amanda’s storyline has gone on far too long. There’s no reason we’re several episodes in to the second season and we’re still getting her storyline from season one.

  3. My wsh is someone hands her a huge umbrella that she opens outdoors and a strong wind carries her into another TP series.

  4. Amanda is crazy ass shit, but so are most white women lol. I’m more interested in wondering if Quincy sexy ass killed Candice baby

  5. Yesssssss she needs to kill herself already. Had Quincy fine ass not been in that dinner scene I would have fast forward quickly!!!!! #ITSaWRAP

  6. I believe Amanda’s story line will become very interesting at the end of the season. She still has that gun, so the family has a reason to worry. I think the ending will be a shocker.

    I knew Candice’s son was dead. We never seen her at least make a single call to check on him or anything. That wasn’t hard for me to figure out.

    Did anyone peep that sexy ass white man staring at Jim? That is actor Adrian Bellani, and you better believe he has banging body under those clothes man. His character, Carlos is going to seduce someone I wonder who tho…….David? Watch. Jim is not gay, but Carlos is attracted to him and likes older men, so he has to sleep with someone either Jim or David. I could be wrong, but David is not going to sleep with Maggie at this point. If he wanted to, he would already have. If David sleeps with Carlos, Veronica is going to turn back to the bottle. Don’t forget she used to be an alcoholic. You know she is proud of her sobriety. That would be an interesting story line.

    1. ^tyler trying to make candace son “the main story”.
      im not even interested in that story line.
      I’m invested in Jeffrey/Ronnie.
      that is the main thing that is interesting.
      Now he introduced the dead baby,
      I’m sure the weekly hash tag will be:


      …Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn.

      1. With the introduction of Quincy, Amanda’s story has gotten SLIGHTLY more interesting, but I’m completely over David and Veronica. Man up and stand up to your wife Jesus Christ, its like he is just as afraid of her as Jeffrey is.

  7. I’m completely over Jeffrey AND Amanda…I think that girl is going to get pregnant. I wish he would stand up to that witch he calls his mother.

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