What Is He Not Telling You? (The Dating Blame)

tumblr_m7f4k0tQu91rpylqco1_500easy for this quote to say…
so as you know,
dating ain’t easy.
you know i ain’t lying.
see the problem with dating is it comes off like a job interview.
you know a job interview you don’t tell your potential supervisor everything.
you wait to show them you aren’t perfect.
wait until that probation period is up to reveal that you will come in late,
take way too many days off,
and you really don’t know microsoft office like you said on your resume.
don’t you wish dating was like this

my name is _______.
so you liked my shirtless pics online.
did you know i was a complete cornball in high school?
no one liked me.
hell i didn’t like me.
i was picked on and treated like shit.
so what i do?
i become the same people who use to pick on me.
more than likely,
we will not have a second date.
i’m going to try to get in ya drawz since i know you would give it up.
after i get a piece,
i may not call you back.
i’ll ignore your texts and calls.
don’t get mad.
i get over 500 texts a day.
people like me now.
are you still interested?”

i’m _________.
i really want to date black wolves,
but i’m so tired of the bullshit games.
just before i date,
i was telling my other “black wolf hating” girlfriend you ain’t gonna be shit.
i did go out with you because you drive a nice car.
so i guess that means i’m equally as fucked up?
well whatever!
i deserve to be picky!
the love of my life cheated on me.
left me alone to go with his whore.
instead of getting rid of the baggage,
i wanted to prove i was happy without him.
it still hasn’t worked.
so now i have baggage up to my eyeballs and trying to date.

plus i watch my friends deal with fucked up black wolves.
thats enough for me to know black wolves ain’t SHIT.

the one dating the white man is happy tho.
so we will date,
 i will pick everything you do apart,
and then sabotage this relationship.
i will add this baggage to the other baggage.

are you still interested?”

“hey wassup!
my name is ________.
thanks for hitting me up online.
i don’t know why people call me a jackal.
well i do hang with a real ratchet clique.
we hate on anyone doing better than us.
we all have no jobs,
we can’t take care of ourselves,
and we are pretty much bottom of the barrel.
we go on social media sites to get dudes to pay our monthly phone bills.
i even used a wolf for dinner.
i can’t keep a job so i have no money.
if you are nice,
i’ll probably sleep with you so i can keep you hooked.
you probably won’t stick around too long tho.
they never do.

the problem is that i like to talk.
so more than likely,
i’ll tell my ratchet friends that i met someone with money.
they also like to talk as well.
you may or may not get outed.
your dick/ass pics may end up online for the world to see.
ain’t nothing better than getting acknowledgment for my ratchet behavior.

so it all depends on what happens bext…
are you still interested?”

“well hello there…
my name is ________.
i have sort of a reputation.
i didn’t mean to get it.
i just thought i could use sex to have someone love me.
my parents didn’t.
also i was molested as a child.
so all i know is sex.
i have videos and pictures online.
people like my body.
i have met some really good looking people in my life.
i have no problem meeting them.
they just use me for sex.
i don’t understand why.
so more than likely we will sleep together after this date.
i hope you brought protection.
after we sleep together,
i won’t probably bore you with my limited conversation.
i will push to have sex with you.
each time.
you will get bored and realize i’m easy ass.
you’ll move on and i’ll look for someone else.

are you still interested?”

“hi i’m ____________.
i’m older than you.
people are full of shit.
i don’t trust anyone.
they are all the same.
i have dealt with all types growing up.
now it has made me extremely bitter.
oh i spew it everywhere!
i want everyone to know that you can’t trust anyone.
did you know i’m also lonely?
so i troll online sex sites and sex parties for affection.
i have no one to talk to.
all i can do is live in the thoughts of my glory days.
the days where i was happy.
so we can date,
but i will find different things you do to prove my point.
i will end it and then tell myself “i told you so!”.
are you still interested?”

“suppppp i’m _________.
i am always in a relationship.
i mean i got swag,
charismatic as hell,
and no doubt sexy.
see the issue is that i cheat every time i get in a relationship.
i lie and basically can’t be trusted.
i got my heart broke by someone i actually loved.
bitch cheated on me.
so now i let everyone know bitches and hoes ain’t shit.
you should see my instagram.
for some reason,
people really like me.
they ignore the fact i show them who i am with my posts.
i try to fall in love,
but i really don’t want to hurt again.
it actually made me show emotion.
my father taught me that was for bitches.
plus nothing is better than new hole,
are you still interested?”

“i like you.
oh my name is _________.
every time i see you,
you make me so horny.
i look away every time i see you.
i can’t let you know that i’m feeling you.
i would love to get with you tho.
the problem is i was taught being gay was wrong.
i came from a real religious family.
gays are the devil!
so why do i feel something when i see a good looking person of the same sex?
i tell everyone how nasty gays are.
i fuck a ton of females.
i even have a couple kids.
it still won’t erase the fact i like men.
well i have a secret.
i go on hook up websites.
well secretly.
just to talk and see whats out there.
my parents would kill me if they saw me on this shit.
god will send me straight to hell.
i just can’t help it.
its just how i was raised.
i’m dying inside.
can you help me?”


would it better if dating was that easy?
maybe there would be happier people out there with that cheat sheet.
instead of showing this perfect well combed fur,
let me know upfront you are a fuckin liar or potential crazy person.
well in a perfect world,
you would get the full story.
there is a certain joy in meeting someone who has overcome their past.
they are very upfront.
almost too upfront.
now when you come into someone’s life and can help them overcome their demons?
now thats the adventure.
that is passion.
sure i like a wolf to have a nice body,
but i am so turned on by scars and flaws.
someone who has been hurt and wants to be put under your spell.
thats what dating is all about.
we are also not perfect.
i know i am not perfect.
i lay my flaws and insecurities all over this site.
when you meet someone you can grow imperfectly with
that is better than any sex in the world.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “What Is He Not Telling You? (The Dating Blame)”

  1. I soooooo feel you these days wolves and foxes have such a poker face. Everything is great until like that 3 months ( hell these days 3 weeks) period the true side of these folks come out.

    P.S. Hell can I have a cheat sheet for bottoming, jacked’, and just life in general lol

  2. That’s why I’ll never get married. Marriage for gays and straights just isn’t realistic in this day and age. the more I think about it, I don’t think it ever was. Maybe when humans were just learning to migrate in, around, and out of Africa. I’m not here foe that fairytale wedding shit anymore. It sounds great on paper, when you’re saying it, and imagining the ceremony in your head but other than that, it’s all pure fantasy. People aren’t built for marriage. I’m not gonna settle for some hoe that got tired of being used a cum-sock because their heart isn’t in it. I used to daydream about it heavy and I still kind of do but I have to remind myself of reality.

    The sad thing is, I’m probably one of the only humans that was built for monogamy and marriage. I found that out the hard way. However, I’m willing to forsake marriage/relationships because I know how fake it all is on the inside and outside. That’s one thing I really can’t stand. Fake people. Just be honest with yourselves. Instead, everyone does mental gymnastics flip the world upside down so that in they’re twisted little mind they’re in the right for having no morals or standards. The sad thing about that is they’ll find a bunch weak-minded individuals that will actually deal with that shit and accept it. Not me tho. I’m too conscious and too stubborn.

    I can admit my faults but most people who have faults don’t look at em that way. That’s why I hate fantasizing about having a husband and being happily married. It’s a nice though but that’s all it will remain.

    Also straights need to flip that quote and say “Don’t fuck someone you couldn’t see yourself parenting with” because babies are no joke.

      1. I don’t necessarily want to be alone but I’d rather be alone than settle for the human trash walking around in today’s world. Plus, I’m kinda used to being alone and by myself so it’s not a fear or anything. I prefer it. Most people are only in love with the idea of marriage.

        I’m not looking for love. If I find a man then our marriage will be the fact that we live together. That’s it. He can leave whenever he wants but once he walks out the door, ain’t no coming back.

  3. Yea you have to be careful dealing with people in the dating world. Everything starts off great, and then their true side comes out. This can happen in straight relationships as well.

  4. Can we just be honest, do Black Gay men even know how to date and what dating is. Dating is not meeting someone at a nightclub and then sleeping with them after a few drinks and dancing. Its hard as hell to even find dudes who appreciate going out for dinner, drinks and a movie even if you offer to treat. I usually like to meet dudes in a casual setting like a restaurant. You can tell alot about a man by what he eats, how he eats it, his table manners and whether he will tip or offer to split or pick up the check. Also conversation is important. I have been hard pressed to find dudes who genuinely wont to get to know you instead of just wanting to sleep with you. Its sad but a majority of younger Black Gays will probably never even go out of a real date. When we throw all those types above you described into the mix, its just gets even more complicated. Social Media has turned us into a different breed. Everyone is busy texting and checking their IG and Facebook while they are out with you to even hear what you got to say. I guess we can remain positive but it seems like most of us are fighting a losing battle when it comes to the dating game, and we will eventually become one of those daters you described above.

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