(Ring Ring Ring) Unemployment, How May We Not Serve You?

got up at around 5am.
couldn’t sleep.
i called karaoke.
she works overnights and usually answers.
we talked until 8am.
hood life.
future goals.
this play she is in.
random shit.
i called unemployment at 8am

no answer

i left a voicemail to my assigned case worker.
i called karaoke back.
we talked more.
i put her on hold.
i called unemployment again at 10am.

no answer

the fuck?
did she take the damn day off??????

i left another voicemail.
i took karaoke off hold.
we ended up talking until 12pm.
she went to sleep.
i called again at 1pm.
this time i pressed to speak to someone else.
older vixen tells me my claim is still processing.

“fairly new; only been a week”

that wasn’t comforting and i left messages because it seemed urgent.
i also told her that i haven’t gotten any money and i’m low on funds.
debbie also said my claim would be terminated if i didn’t respond by monday.
i figured this older vixen would help.
in a very rude and snappy reply:

“well that means she will call you back,
does it not?”

what i wanted to say was:


…but realized i had to swallow that word vomit.
so i hit back like:

i just wanted to make sure debbie got the messages.”

because i wasn’t rude,
she turned her shit around and became pleasant.
she said she would put a note in her system for her to call me.
i told her thank you and have a good weekend.
she wished me the same.
so nothing was resolved today.
i still have to wait.
i’m vex.
i ended up making frosted cinnamon rolls.
i’m still vex,
but my sweet tooth is satisfied.

8 thoughts on “(Ring Ring Ring) Unemployment, How May We Not Serve You?

  1. Try to hang in there Jamari I know a little of what you’re going through. I was laid off my job for two months last year and had to deal with the rude ass unemployment people. You have questions and you want to make sure sure stuff is right and taken care of. They seem not get that ( even tho that’s their job) .

  2. Kudos to you for taking the high road. Sometimes when we’re going through something or having a bad day we unknowingly take it out on other ppl. Your more calm response may have made her realize that she was being rude to someone who didn’t deserve it. You might have generated some good karma today. I hope everything works out for you.

    P/S: I love the smell of fresh cinnamon rolls. I bet heaven smells like that

    1. @ AJ2FLY: I love the smell of fresh cinnamon rolls. I bet heaven smells like that.

      WOW! This got me all in my Feels!! Beautiful!

  3. The amount of hoops they make you jump through for something so important. These people need to know that this is people’s lives here!

    Hang tough Jamari, and stay on them.

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