Unemployment Called and F’d Me Up

so i got a call earlier today from unemployment.
 i missed the call.
when i checked the message,
it was pretty jumbled.
all i heard was…

“something something something…
we have some questions about your separation from your job…
something something something…
could be terminated…”

that word.
that was the part that has me messed up.
when i listened to the message again,
it said if i didn’t call before monday,
my claim would be terminated.
i still haven’t received unemployment.
i filed it two weeks ago and i know you have to go through the waiting week.
my last gig gave one severance check so i had to wait until it was done to file.
they sent me a letter of how much i was allegedly getting.
it was more than last time.
so i called back,
but no one answered.
i left a voicemail with all my information.

i was told that i could get unemployment.
i feel like i’m about to flip,
but i’m trying to stay in a positive place.
i’m confused as to why i’m being held up.
it’s not like i was fired.
i’m still feeling uneasy because i didn’t have to wait this long last time.
i plan on calling tomorrow morning as soon as i get up.
please pray for me.
i’m trying to think positive.

lowkey: i luckily have my rent this month.
i saved 2 months,
didn’t do my taxes yet,

but i have no money except my credit cards.

18 thoughts on “Unemployment Called and F’d Me Up

  1. Good luck tomorrow J. I’ll say a little prayer for you…the moment I wake up…

  2. I’m stay positive and say it is a mix up. Sending positive vibes your way and always praying for you.

  3. What makes you happy? If you could pursue your passion, what would it be jamari? Have you givwn any thought to this for a career change?

    1. ^writing on this site makes me happy.
      celebrity news and gossip makes me happy.
      anything to do with writing makes me happy.

      i’ve been taken sort of a mental break after i got that first letter from unemployment.
      i was gonna get enough to let me take a month or two to just chill and think.
      i have been still thinking about what i want to do and i know its not a 9 to 5.
      the foxhole suggested contributing and freelance writing so that has been on my mind.
      no moves have been made yet tho.

  4. I’ve a friend who is going through this and it’s hard to watch because i honestly can’t do anything but pray. So i’m gonna do that for you too. I’m catholic and Lent just started yesterday. it’s said that during that time God tests our faith, but that time ends with Easter, the most glorious celebration of all, the resurrection of our Savior. So right it may look dark, but don’t lose hope, God is watching over you, your bright days are coming very soon. God bless you.

    1. ^thank you louis.
      that was a beautiful comment.
      god bless you as well.

      i may not be as popular as other blogs,
      but the love and support that i receive here means so much more.
      i feel much calmer because a few hours ago,
      my anxiety was about to go into overdrive.

  5. Good luck with your situation tomorrow. I know it’s hard, but don’t stress yourself. Everything will work out in the end.

  6. Stay positive there is no point in getting worked up and stressed out.Call them first thing in the morning in case you have get some more paperwork or information turned in before Monday.

    1. Just a mix up. Your former place of employment may have made a mix up. You got a severance so that is proof that you got laid off and not fire. Don’t know what your bills look like but be patient brother. This is that testing period!!! Stay Strong your vision will come

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