Remy Ma Releases “Another One”

aight remy,
so remy ma released another diss track called “another one”:

you peep mariah petty ass on that?
i’m good
on it.
she already put nicki in the morgue.
no need to put more shots in her.
the body is cold.
well i was waiting for her interview with wendy today.
if i ( x know aunt wendy ),
aunt wendy from ( x her radio days ),
i know she would be messy.
  fat joe joined remy on her couch and well

legit tears myself at “i came dressed for a funeral”.
i’m mad she was allegedly trying to take money out remy bank.
see that’s that passive aggressive shit that got her hiding.
isn’t it always those “types”?
acting like they better,
barking they the queen this/king that,
but trying to ruin everyone on their come up.
i’ve seen it in:


the list goes on and on and on
i have heard alleged rumors of nicki’s bad attitude.
everyone who don’t know each other can’t be saying the same story.
looks like this been stewing for a while and remy was the only one who had the balls.
the fact nicki,
the “queen of rap” and “the female hov”,
still ain’t release nothing tho…
i thought she said she was a battle rapper?
or is she just a bully hyena rapper?
well charlamange assigned her “donkey of the day” today:

pretty sums up my thoughts.
nothing much to be said.
nicki is a pop tart rapstress now.
she makes her money doing that.
her “queen of rap” title is done.

lowkey: the ones ridin hard for nicki wasn’t saying this when she was going after kim.
nicki came out trying to emulate and destroy kim.
they was okay with that.

even kim went out fighting in that battle.

18 thoughts on “Remy Ma Releases “Another One”

  1. Thats what i am telling anyone. If you claim you the best and someone come for you. You have to defend yourself and her not defending is ludicrous. Remy Ma im here for you and your album this year.

  2. Me and my best friend was just having a convo about the situation. If u claim that you the queen of rap, I don’t wanna hear about awards, money or none of that bullshit. I wanna hear lyrics. I wanna hear what comes out of your mouth. I don’t wanna hear who gave you the title of the queen, i wanna hear authentic music. She came for Iggy, Kim, Azaeilia Banks, and the rest of these hoes, but now u quiet when Remy diss you? Who here would allow another pineapple to read them down in a public setting and you not saying ANYTHING back? If what they was saying was True or not? Not me. Remy has never come for none of these girls that didn’t come for her first. She has been the same person for more or less her whole career. Nicki switched up to make her more marketable to these white people for more money. Nicki the queen of urban pop, not rap.

    1. ^you from ny!
      you know remy has always just been about the bars!
      she stay to herself.
      nicki is WRONG and im glad she is being challenged.

    2. ^and check this!

      if you throw a rock at someone when you a no one.
      nicki did the same at kim when she was no one.
      remy did the same to her.

      1. Funny because neither my best friend or me are living in NY right now. Wish I was there to hear the street convos on what they feel about the situation. Somebody saying that Nicki is better lyrically than Remyz is like someone telling me that Drake is a better rapper than Jadakiss or DMX. *Maxine Waters voice* no credibility. Now there’s talk that she’s going to sue Remy. I truly cannot.

      2. Except Remy is someone, maybe not with as much fame as Nicki, but she’s had her share of hits, whether they were collabos or not. I wouldn’t say Remy is a no one. Imo..

  3. I the only one who never thought she was all that?! Her “singing” or “harmonizing” that she does on her songs and other tracks she’s featured on is better than her rapping…to me.
    I can name three verses where I thought she killed it…other than that, I can’t think of anything.
    Her verse on “Bedrock”. Her verse on “Hello, Good Morning” (subtle dig at Lil Kim), and her verse on “My Chick Bad”…but notice she wasn’t on the remix version with Trina, Eve, and Diamond. LOL

    1. ^her only verse that killed me was “monster”.
      that is her iconic verse.
      she can rap and has talent on the beat,
      but the fact she is hiding right now is not in her favor as the female hov LOL

  4. Remy bodied Nicki but Remy isnt the best out here. i just want to know where were all these Remy fans long before she got locked up? Are they buying her albums now? Are they supporting her artistry? I agree with Charlemagne on many points and i think Nicki Minaj will respond but if anyone thinks Nicki career is over after this they’re delusional. Jay got better after Ether lol Nicki will drop a diss track or two, then will do interviews to promote her new buzz single then drop a album for the summer. When you got millions of endorsements and bread you cant move like the average hood nigga or hood rat every move has to be strategic. Now I’m hearing Foxy Brown going at Remy. This fake beef is manufactured more than a ghetto reality tv show. Glad when it’s over tired of seeing it all on my timeline especially from bandwagon Remy fans who dont own not one album from her or Nicki.

    1. ^i don’t know about other cities,
      but new yawk been fuckin with remy for a minute.
      remy always takes over a track when she is featured on it.
      remy is also a battle rapper and can spit,
      nicki is a supposed battle rapper,
      came out the gate bringing down other female rappers,
      showing no respect to the ones above her,
      and now her receipts are catching up with her.
      if what remy is saying is true,
      nicki is a rat for even fuckin with her paper.
      that is low down grimey shit.
      nicki sitting up here blowing up dj phones but cant get her ass in the studio.
      the fuck is that about???
      she had a diss track lined up when kim clapped back.
      that is when safaree was down for her with the alleged pen.
      even with that,
      she showed no loyalty to safaree.
      she dropped him for meek.
      she gonna drop meek and take pics with his enemies.

      nicki needed this L to humble her.
      she gonna be aight.
      she will never live this down tho.
      new yawk,
      her home,
      will never forget this.

      1. Why you hate nicki so much lol? What has she actually done (not the alledge), to whom she’s been disrespectful?

        “she showed no loyalty to safaree.” the man cheated, it’s not an alledge thing, he admitted it himself. was she supposed to stay?

        “she gonna drop meek and take pics with his enemies.” are we gonna forgot those enemies have always been nicki friends? Was she supposed to drop them because meek felt some type of way? Like she can’t take a pic with drake why?

        “showing no respect to the ones above her” but foxy is ridding hard her for nicki tho, so who are we talking about here, kim? Lil kim came for nicki first, just like madonna came for gaga and mimi for ariana. Nobody likes to see his replacement

        Even miley and taylor came for her first. I honestly never saw and read anything disrespectful. She clame she’s the queen… like every male rapper does and nobody calls them disrespectful, it’s just “the culture”.

        Maybe there is a story i don’t know about her but i never saw her being that rude.

        But anyway, she’ll still be on top no matter what. i hope she’ll not clapback, she has nothing to gain, it will only give more attention to remy ma. But even if she clapbacks it will be on her own terms in her own time, that’s what a queen does.

        Btw shether was fire, even being a fan of nicki i will admit she got slaughtered, but another one is wack af let’s be real. Remy ma should have take her win and drop that album, maybe these new fans would have bought it this time.

  5. If you are a nobody, pick a public fight with a somebody. If they respond, you are suddenly somebody.

      1. She should do a duet album with the best artists in the world and not mention Remy at all. The game is to get white people to pay for the credibility conferred by Black people. Nikki is still winning. When Remy is trying to turn stories about how she slammed Nikki into rent money. Nikki will be consoling herself for her lack of credibility with several hundred million dollars.

        1. ^thats the thing.
          it’s not like nicki is beyonce.
          beyonce is known to being nice person.
          nicki has always had a reputation of having a bad attitude.
          the whites didn’t buy the pink print either.
          it was a huge flop for her for commercial standards.
          her features aren’t even getting that much play unless she is with a pop tart.
          she came in the game as a rapper so we expect her to rap.
          battle rap is part of the culture.
          50 came out the gate firing shots at ja rule.
          ja was a pop rapper.
          look how that turned out.

        2. ^nicki only for foxy and ariana grande.
          she needs to apologize for her bad behavior and go on an apology tour.
          do a song with remy and we will forget all about this lol 😂

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