An Apple Associate (To)Day

i like talking to folks.
i’ll talk to anyone that lets me.
i don’t care what the situation is,
jamari can get down with a good convo.
i had an interesting conversation with the apple associate earlier

so i’m laying down and an alert came through my phone.
my last job’s computer signed into my apple id.


i got apple on the horn real quick.
i ain’t even…
next thing you know,
they will be snooping through my texts.
i signed into that work computer so i can send texts through my desktop.
a month later and they now signing in?
one can never be too careful.

so as i was talking to the older snow vixen,
as she tried to fix my situation,
we got into my last job and why i was let go.
she started telling me about her past situation.
she said that at her last job,
the one before apple,
that she worked at a company with her now late husband.
i think they owned it or something.
little did they know,
the people who worked for the company wanted her gone.
so what they did?

clean out her desk when she wasn’t there and had her husband fire her

grimey shit.
her husband shortly died after and they took a hold of the company.
i asked her if they suffered any karma for their evil ways.
she said she ran into one of them at the store.
after telling  the jackal about her husband,
he legit said:

“well i guess we killed him”

oh word?

i felt so sorry for her,
but i tried to give her some words of encouragement.
it’s a shame the amount of evil one could have inside them.
after we changed all my passwords,
she wished me well and told me that she doesn’t see me down for long.
she even sent me her personal information if i ever need help with my apple products.

i hope God can continue to bless her and i’m grateful for all her help.

6 thoughts on “An Apple Associate (To)Day

  1. Look at GOD. My Brotha & Erstwhile Guru, I know that religious cliches can be tiresome, but they still ring true.

    The dreaded (and completely useless) state test is quickly approaching in my school district. I have doing weekly 90 minute intense tutorials with a group of freshmen with whom I would not ordinarily come in contact. The following was a quote attached to an essay prompt:

    Envy is ignorance; imitation is suicide.

    It’s the second part that gave me life and reminded me that our kids are not as lost as some think. When I asked the class what it meant, one young lady said, “Trying to be somebody else kills who you are supposed to be.”

    I’ve told you before, and I’m sure your readers would agree; Your outlook on life, career, relationships and all things Meat, Leakage, & Forest Creatures is Unique!!! It is 100% Jamari Fox. Bringing me back to the beginning of this message……That woman that shared her testimony with you was not random. You needed a holy pick-me-up, and GOD sent you a Tweet from Heaven.

    Here come the cliches…..There is a blessing in the storm. HE will never put more on you than you can bear. Your setback is a set up for your come back.

    I currently hate where I work, not what I do. A district staff member that works with several schools has taken note of my situation and, unbeknownst to me, she has been low key marketing me to a dean of instruction at one of her other schools for the last few weeks. Last Tuesday, she told me that he was definitely interested in meeting goes with me. Today, I had my formal interview with that Dean (a clear Fox by the way). After showing me around campus, we went back to the conference room. His supervisor, not there earlier, was at the table prepping for a meeting. In 10 minutes, I established that his supervisor not only knows one of my mentors from graduate school, she also knows one of my aunts and she, that aunt AND my mom are all in the same sorority.

    But…………..GOD!!!!!! I’m seriously designing a T-shirt with those words on it.

    It gets better. Stay true to you in this time of testing. Asé, my brother.

    1. ^omg that is so inspiring!
      i love that God came full circle for you.
      it is amazing to see God at work.
      it gives me chills.

      taylor i want to thank you for this message.
      i woke up just now because of nightmares.
      i’ll write why in a minute.
      i am grateful for this comment you left me.
      it was definitely needed.
      i’m working hard on reading up on the law of attraction and doing more meditation.
      there is a bigger purpose at work.

      God luck on everything on your end!

  2. That was beautiful, I hope her blessings come to her just as yours are coming to you.

  3. Glad you got that taken care of. That was nice of her. People are crazy. Instead of just being upfront about their plans, they instead went below the belt to fire her. People wonder why certain things happen to them; you have to acknowledge how you treat others.

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