The Devil Clearly Wants Me Fucked Hard (Honestly, Truly)


i’m listening.
you have gotten my full attention.
so it just seems the devil won’t go down without a fight.
too bad for it,
i’m still swinging.
my debit card was compromised last night…

i got the alert on my phone that someone in honduras was trying to “joanne the scammer” me.
when i answered the security questions in my text,
they called me immediately.
once i told them that i haven’t used my card all day,
they shut it down with the whole quickness..
i wuzzzzzzz gonna do get my haircut,
to look more fox than werewolf,
but that’s now on hold.
i wuzzzzzzzz gonna do some laundry and supermarket.
there on hold too.

i was having nightmares which is why i’m up at 5am.
i felt claustrophobic in my dream and it immediately woke me up.
this week has been a doozy.
others seem to be also experiencing nonsense as well.
maybe it’s something in the energy?
well the devil won’t win in whatever he is trying to do.

i’m giving all my issues to God and gonna lay low.

low key: i cannot wait money is not an issue anymore.

8 thoughts on “The Devil Clearly Wants Me Fucked Hard (Honestly, Truly)

  1. my credit and checking card was compromised last week and it took a week to receive a card literally. All because some fool put a bug at the gas pump box.

    1. Usually banks can issue you a new card right at the branch. When Target, Home Depot, and Bed Bath & Beyond were hacked, my bank notified me that my account information may have been compromised. I went to the nearest branch, turned in my old card and was issued a new one…which I was able to use right away
      Now, before I use ANY ATM or swipe my card at any machine, I will wiggle and pull on that bad boy to see if there is a skimming device. These criminals are crafty, so you can never be too careful! I saw a clip on the news a few months back where one guy distracted the clerk in 7-Eleven and his partner slipped a device on the machine so fast it would make your head spin…and that machine was on the COUNTER!
      Blew my mind. I try to use cash as much as possible, but I don’t like carrying cash and if I do it’s usually $20 or less. LOL

  2. Woosha. Don’t let the setback get you down, just be prepared for your setup when the time comes.

  3. Life is cyclical. When it’s my turn this *this* cycle, I just call it all onto me at once. I’d rather be hit by a deluge than be drowned by a billion raindrops. NO TEST, NO TESTIMONY!

    1. ^i really like how you worded this.
      it is true.
      it seems like when life takes a turn,
      it feels like it all hits you at once.
      i really like the billion raindrops reference.
      thank you for giving me an “a ha” moment.

      1. What I’ve learned thus far is that we can either keep each other’s candle wicks lit, or all be in the dark when the last flame goes out. Wet’re already “up” we just have to keep climbing. We DEM people.

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