the drama filled life of jamari fox

next to “screw”,
it’s another 5 letter word most of us crave.
drama is something most of us can’t live or function without.
even if things are going well in our lives.
it’s like a drug to some.
life can get very boring without that excitement.
this explains why some folks jump out of airplanes and love raw sex.
it’s that thrill of the un-explainable happening.
besides looking for my next source of making money,
and waking up rested because no wolf is cheating on me,
my life is currently really chill.

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The Devil Clearly Wants Me Fucked Hard (Honestly, Truly)


i’m listening.
you have gotten my full attention.
so it just seems the devil won’t go down without a fight.
too bad for it,
i’m still swinging.
my debit card was compromised last night…
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