the drama filled life of jamari fox

next to “screw”,
it’s another 5 letter word most of us crave.
drama is something most of us can’t live or function without.
even if things are going well in our lives.
it’s like a drug to some.
life can get very boring without that excitement.
this explains why some folks jump out of airplanes and love raw sex.
it’s that thrill of the un-explainable happening.
besides looking for my next source of making money,
and waking up rested because no wolf is cheating on me,
my life is currently really chill.

it’s gonna take 7 to 10 business days to get there…”

that’s what the bank rep told me today.
so as you know,
or didn’t,
someone hacked my bank account last weekend.
all this went down last sunday and i’m still waiting on a new card.
last time i had this happen,
i got a new bank card in about 3 days.
in this day and age,
does it really takes this long to have a bank card sent?
i have shit to do.
by shit,
it’s my frustration talking as i may have potential shit to do.

bills coming up
groceries need to be bought
what if armageddon comes and i need to buy flashlights and canned goods?


it could happen.
the crazy part is,
i have plenty of time to just wait.
it’s not like i have any pressing matters to attend or pay off.
so why the rush?
after having some time to think,
i came to the conclusion

Drama can help us make better decisions for the future

this debit situation has me considering using my credit card,
but making sure i pay it off in full every month.
i didn’t learn from last time,
if this happens again,
they won’t get my real money.

sometimes in life,
we need opposition and adversity.
we need things to stimulate and make us “do better”.
it can come in the form of silly shit,
or really big shit,
but it helps define our lives and gives it meaning.
so there’s always a silver lining within your drama.
it provides the lessons we learn and the stories we get to tell.

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6 thoughts on “the drama filled life of jamari fox”

  1. Oh Lord, Carrie don got aggravated, lol. I’ve had stuff happen to me like that in the past. I think it’s a test of balance and/also also mental strength. To see how you function when under real pressure and will you put your trust in the Universe or your credit card.

    Be hopeful, something will pull through and things will work out in due time.

    A lesson I learned a long time ago was that no matter how much I moan ans groan about something, it never makes it come faster, but when I wash my hands of it, it usually appears when I least expect it.

  2. Sorry about your recent bank drama. If you use your credit cards as a safety measure be sure to stay under 30 percent utilization of your credit limit. This will keep your credit scores in the good zone. If you must exceed the 30 percent utilization within the month try to find out when your credit card company reports to TransUnion and Equafax. For instance, if MasterCard reports your card activity to TransUnion on the 26th of each month, you would want to make a lump some payment before the 26th to help keep your scores healthy. I use this method and my scores skyrocketed.

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