up in smoke (more drama)

i love when i font something and it carries over into the next.
i didn’t think i’d be giving a two-parter to the last entry,
but eh.
 it was definitely drama in my apartment just now.
so i’m writing an entry and my smoke detector went tf out…

i put some hot dogs on for breakfast.
struggle meal plan.
i was so engrossed in writing,
that i forgot they were boiling.
the sound of that smoke detector rose me tf up.
i ran to into my hallway and it was in a blanket in smoke.


i said that about 8 times in mid panic.
the hot dogs were burned to a crisp.
i had to open all my windows and turn on every fan.
it was a whole mess.
thank God i’m not having kids.
the lesson?


i shoulda brought my laptop into my living room.
you think i’d learn frm the last time this happened.

am i going for thirds today?
the day is still young.

lowkey: shocked my nosy neighbor didn’t knock on the door.
she did that one time i was having sex in my living room.
my moans had her thinking i was being murdered.
well something was…

4 thoughts on “up in smoke (more drama)

  1. You put this in the universe so the gods were listening. Keep your mind off of Hot Big Dicks….*ahem* I mean, Hot Dogs and these things won’t happen lol 😆

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