so you wanna f*ck your co-worker? lets font about it…

as you know,
i have had my share of “males i wanted to fuck at work“.
the main work wolf saga brought many of you to my yard.
it’s no shocker that we may find some of our co-workers fine.
there is always a fine-ass co-worker OR the one that’s “cute by default“.
if we do end up smashin’ them,
we may end up fuckin’ up our money and mental health in the end.
so i did the foxhole a solid.
i made pros and cons about workplace fuckin’…

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will smith makes a apology video

i’m learning this concept in my therapy called “forgiveness“.
people hurt me and i wanted all the smoke.
what does it serve me tho?
to be bitter?
not forgiving people who hurt me did more harm tbh.
i learned how freeing forgiving someone is.
will smith,
after months of being quiet,
has addressed the slap he gave chris rock at the oscars.
this is the video…

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you will never be friends with rich people unless you are rich too

you will never be friends with beyonce,
nicki minaj,
or britney spears.
following them on social and buying their shit doesn’t equal friendship.
we are not in their tax bracket to be their friends.
don’t get me wrong,
they can follow you back on socials and invite you to events,
but being true friends with them?…

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what is the price for your good stuff?

let’s say you are a blogger and this is around 2018.
you have a successful entertainment blog that rivals the shade room,
neighborhood talk,
and hollywood unlocked.
you get a lot of traction for speaking about celebs on a daily.
this means you can get into bed with many blue checks.
you have a reputation for reporting everything,
whether good or bad.
you get a dm from…

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i’m not my voice

i’ve said it before but i hated my voice growing up.
along with hating my voice,
i hated my whole being as well.
i was always being picked on for something,
either at home or at school.
i highlighted and enhanced everything i thought was wrong with me.
i wasn’t like the other boys

Played sports
Playing “20 minutes of heaven inside her coochie”
Fathers being proud of them

i had a high voice,
had feminine mannerisms,
many would consider “soft”,
and my father was slowly evolving into the bitter betty pokemon.
i did love track and field and could run like black beauty.
in an “a-ha” moment today,
i realized something about all the things i “hated” about myself.
all of those things i thought were “wrong” with me…

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pro – bring a bitch down who is a demon behind the scenes

The Situation

she was super pro-black/latina/fat/gay/trans/pronouns/everything.
she would use “-phobic” if someone didn’t agree with her.
you know folks love when someone is accused of having a “phobia”.
her stans flocked to her twicth streams because of her outspoken views.
i fell for it tbh.
woke folks tend to do that since they carry an air of “change the world”.
she was very unassuming and appeared to be friendly.
her friendships with other bigger streamers helped her too.
that was last year when things were all good.
i thought about her randomly because i haven’t seen her on twitch.
when i went to rummage around her socials,
she was gone.

TF happened?


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