how i welcomed in 2023

i didn’t clean.
i didn’t wash my clothes.
i didn’t do any spells or eat chicken instead of pork.
my apartment is tidy and all i did was take out the trash.
i caught up with friends,
took an edible,
and fell asleep a few hours before the ball dropped.
thats right…

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2023 just needs to be one word

so i finally finished the harry and meghan docuserires today.
it was a lot to take in but by the end,
my perspective changed on their story.
i fux with them.
during the last episode,
there was something interesting that stuck with my spirit.
at a dinner party in 2021 for their charity “arch well“,
one of the guests asked:

“What is your word for the upcoming year?”

i thought that was interesting because…

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another celebrity takes their life and we need to “check in on people”? (massive eye roll)

here we go…
a celebrity takes their own life and everyone remembers they are human.

“We gotta check in on our strong friends.”
“Please check in on people.”

…and other phrases that show me how self-absorbed we can be.
 stephen “twitch” boss decided to stop living yesterday.
we are left with a ton of questions

but suddenly…

We understand that people,
including our friends,
could be struggling too.

…which will only last a week.
we will repost their greatness and accomplishments AFTER they died.
this is what i’ve come to realized…

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pastor dwayne dawkins went from being outed to…

when we live our lives in secret,
and we are outed,
i feel like it’s the Universe putting us to the test.

Do we take our own lives?
Do we pretend it never happened?
Do we deny, deny, deny?

our answers depend on our personal strength levels.
we know life is going to change,
whether we like it or not.
pastor dwayne dawkins,
who was ( x famously outed on someone’s ig ),
has emerged from the shadows.
he went on larry reid live to discuss the aftermath of the outing…

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the foxhole is filled with bitter c*m guzzlin’ men?

i had a nasty headache yesterday,
plus been waking up to some weird ass anxiety,
i took a sick day,
but i woke up today to ^this foxmail.
this lurker is very angry over my entry in regards to ( x atl tayh ).

let’s make ^that into a message,
shall we?

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i BELIEVE in you and me

i came to a conclusion while listening to “i believe in you and me” by whitney.
the whole song is like the affirmations for a long-lost love.


she “believed” that they will return.
it was that word:


that word gave me my “a-ha moment“…

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