there is no HR department in the entertainment industry

when you get into the entertainment industry,
you are going in there solo dolo.
there is no one to call when you are being sexually harassed,
or being told you have to exchange sexual favors on the casting couch.
there are many who live in shame after things they’ve done/experienced.
this is why there is so much drug and alcohol abuse.
they do those things help them forget.
 have your shit together before you enter that jungle because…

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raggedy andy still has to show up when no one else does


one year for christmas in barbados,
the primary school i went to threw this huge event for us before vacation.
i remember seeing tons of presents in the school yard.
i went to a prestigious private school so kids were upper middle to rich.
so the presents were big and beautiful wrapped.
i didn’t want to get my hopes up that i would see anything for me.
all the kid’s parents had shown up but i didn’t see anyone there for me.
my mother,
i think,
was on a plane headed somewhere.
my father didn’t show up.
none of my other family member showed up either.
it was just me alone in that school,
watching proud parents cheering on their kids.
so i go to the pile and look through to see if i see anything for me.
i see one little box with my name on it…

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you need the abuse to prove they love you

so i’ve learned to heal from many years of abuse,
more-so mental and emotional,
i also learned something as well.
one of the many things ive noticed with abuse is…

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showin’ tf (back) up

remember the scene in kill bill,
probably in the beginning,
where bride is getting punched around by the other assassins?
they all turned on her for bill,
hence the name “kill bill”.
the whole movie was about her having to show up again.

She had to show tf up so she could take them all down,
one by one.

she had to learn to get her fight back.
kill bill is one of my favorite movies.
it came out in 2003 when i was a “bride”.
i thought that year was going to break me tbh.
its interesting how 2023 has mirrored 2003 in many ways.
many of us seem to have the same opinion about this year…

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nothing will bring you more joy than when your enemies are exposed

i don’t care what anyone tells or fonts me.
i don’t care if you try to act like it doesn’t.

Nothing feels better than watching someone who hurt you get exposed.

nothing hits better than watching them crumble.
nothing makes you cum harder than getting your retribution.
orgasms last a good couple seconds; getting vindicated lasts a lifetime.
i’m not here to font you not to celebrate in someone’s demise

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erase all contents and settings

Yesterday has been on one.
Actually it has been one,
and three but I ended up getting a message at the end.

so my phone has been acting weird.
we know when something is off when we choose not to ignore it.
message one?
the actions were off and some things weren’t functioning well.
randomly the other day,
i came upon an article about doing a clean install of the entire software.
that means resetting the entire phone and setting it up like it’s brand new.
i ended up calling apple and after a few diagnostic tests,
they told me the clean install will fix the issue.
something inside was urging me to start over with a clean slate.
message two?

yesterday during the afternoon,
i decided to do it.
after that whole process,
my phone started acting much faster and better but Foxhole…

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