move over charles (meet anthony?)

…and another one.
next to foto 119,
i feel like only the finest wolves contact marvin bienaime.
as they should.
they know how to give us a full serving of their meat how we like it.
so everyone meet anthony

…and he has me thinking of getting stuffed.
he has the ideal “nfl baller wolf” bawdy too.
you know how much i love that.
as usual,
marvin doesn’t post the ig info until later,
but he did bless us with these bts videos:

my mouth watered.
his pecs from the side did it for me.
of course,
marvin took him out to eat after like the perfect host:

is he better looking than charles?
probably not,
but anthony is in the running of:


i’d say they’re both neck and neck.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “move over charles (meet anthony?)”

  1. I definitely have a weakness for that side pec action. And he’s got plenty! But I agree about the junk in the trunk. Saddening if he has none. “Don’t forget leg day.”

  2. Anyway lol back to the subject matter. I’d say dude has a hotter chest than Charles but Charles is definitely prettier. But am I the only person that loves a wolf with some booty?? He look like he ain’t got none in the back – disappointed.

  3. I bet Marvin’s computer is filled with naked pictures of all these wolves he claims he’s going to put into this non-existent calendar. I agree with the previous poster that said he’s gonna back out of it at some point, and prob jerk off to all those photos in his spare time. Something about Marvin really creeps me out…

  4. I know I am tired of him talking about this calendar. Watch in the future he is going to claim something happened to the photos or he is mad with the industry or something

  5. Is Charles that other one that was featured on here. If so, he’s skinny. This guy seems to be well built though they all kind look the same to me.

    Low-key: I though this guy was one of the dudes Tyson or Johnell at first glance…I was like…ain’t he already been naked..?!??

  6. yeah, neck and neck for sure but charles has my attention more. how does marvin get these dudes to strip so easily?! and then he wants to be stingy like mr.crabs with the @‘s smh

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