you can look at tremaine (trey songz) but don’t you dare touch him

tremaine doesn’t like to be touched.
listen i get it.
so tremaine was at a nightclub in auckland, new zealand.
why is he over there?
after he performed,
he decided to stand closer to into the crowd.
someone decided to make the mistake and touch him.

was that a male or a female?
whoever it was turned to ice with that stare.
tremaine has been getting new gains lately.
you see his chesticals situation:

folks just want to touch it to see if it’s real tremaine!
all jokes aside,
i don’t blame him.
i only touch others if they give me the opening.
i’ve gone out on dates with wolves who have nice bawdies.
it took everything in my power not to touch their arms and pecs.
you never know if someone will get offended or uncomfortable.
nothing worse than getting your face cracked.

lowkey: no seriously…
nothing worse than being on a first outing with a wolf with a nice bawdy.
of course,
the pineapple wants to wear something tight and “horny inducing”.

9 thoughts on “you can look at tremaine (trey songz) but don’t you dare touch him

  1. I got a mental image of your date asking what you wanted for dessert and you saying that what you want isn’t on the menu and he asks what and you say the cakes he was hiding behind him in his tight slacks while you wink and make a licking motion with your tongue.

  2. People are still lusting after him? I don’t get it at this point. I just do not see it for him anymore.

    1. He has a disarming smile I think. He seems like a charmer that wouldn’t respond after he hit it, but people wouldn’t be mad at him anyway.

  3. Trey better be lucky he my second husband and all. He handled that very well thoughy and that indeed looked a like a man’s hand but could also be the hand of Big Bertha so, I wouldn’t rule out a female but that looked muscular like a Latino dudes arm.

    People are really something these days. I send the blame both ways. Don’t be advertising sex and then screaming #metoo BUT on the other hand (no pun) that was a very long intimate touch that would probably get you punched.

    I love Trey and he handled it well and I would have did something of the same. I’ve given someone a mean look when they came up behind me and places their hands on my shoulders. I must have turned around and gave them a look and they withdrew with a big ole oops look.

    Like don’t go touching on people without permission.

    Now Jamari, this is about one of the only dudes you post I have a crush on.

  4. i think that was a dude lmao.

    on the lowkey note, i feel you! im veryyyy sensual, so it’s hard for me not to touch especially if that body is banging. *sigh* i need a body next to me lol

    1. ^the worst!!!

      i’m like you with being sensual.
      i went on a first outing with this muscular wolf and his arms…
      his arms.

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