so i just watched rick grimes dying on “the walking dead” and well…

ya know,
i was dreading this “the walking dead” episode.
it was that time when iconic tv legend,
rick grimes,
was going to die.
i was ready to cry,
and i did but…

*spoilers ahead*

…their usual trolling.


he alive ya’ll.
he blew up a bridge and landed on another side of a lake.
the crazy lady from the junkyard grabbed him,
they got in a helicopter,
and they flew away somewhere.

according to show runner,
scott gimple,
he’ll be back in amc movies they’re producing.
so rick is off the show,
but he isn’t gone-gone.
they also time jumped and it looks like judith is the new “rick”.

I’m sorta upset with alla this

i legit ugly sobbed when he blew up..
i felt like i wasted tears.
it was nice to see shane,
and the actor who played herschel that recently passed (rip).
i was waiting to see carl and laurie,
i’m so over this show it’s pathetic tho.
it’s like a shell of it’s former self at this point.
i won’t be watching it live anymore,
but if i see it on stream,
i’ll probably check it out if i’m caught up on my shows.
i just want to see what happens next with michonne,
but it’s probably gonna be background noise from now.
so for the foxhole who watched


lowkey: i feel like andrew lincoln was annoyed with how carl died.
can they get negan outta here next?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “so i just watched rick grimes dying on “the walking dead” and well…”

  1. I stopped watching when Rick decided to keep Negan alive. How many seasons do we have to sit through to learn that when you keep the antagonist alive, they always end up killing someone in Rick’s group later. It’s ridiculous. Now that they’ve officially gotten rid of everything interesting about the show, my decision to stop watching feels justified.

    It’s too much for the same old shit, every season.

    1. Don’t give up yet. see how this season ends first. we have three episodes until the mid season finale. I’m sure right before it ends, we’ll meet the Whisperers. This should be an interesting season coming up. The walkers are evolving, as they said in the preview.

      I was a bit pissed that Rick didn’t die, but I had a feeling when they said he would be back in some aspects, that he wouldn’t die. He is away to do some other films, then he will come back to the Walking Dead universe (films/show). Maggie is leaving as well, she has a new show. They probably won’t kill her off, but it will be interesting to see what they do with the character.

      I used to never miss an episode of the series, but now if I miss it, I watch it on demand. It’s gone downhill, but that’s expected when your show is on top for so long. The writers got complacent, and it didn’t help that the writer of the comics, Kirkman, left the show too. I’m not ready to give up on it…yet. Lol

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