when the straight males argue who’d be a power top if they were gay

some straight males love gay roles without being gay.
what a time to be alive?
i feel like every straight male who imagines being gay

… is always saying they’d be power wolves (tops)


even the straight males get into the fox shaming too.
it’s a “badge of honor” to be a top and we don’t even have much of em.

this is where i welcome more straight males to volunteer for top activities.

i know a few straights irl that i’d like to power top my foxy ass.
on caresha aka yung miami from city girl’s podcast,
she was lowkey flirting with megan the stallion.

i admire how vixens can do this without judgment.
on the breakfast club,
 charla and dj envy argued about who would top each other…

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if you’re black, you better be voting for joe biden, dammit!

so 4 more years of trump,
i’ve come to that conclusion because i don’t think joe biden is “all there”.
he had an interview on “the breakfast club” with charlamagne and said this…

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charlamagne gave dj envy the cheeks

i’m still not convinced charlamagne is gay or bi.
i think he can be an asshole,
but i highly doubt he is anything less than straight.
i could be wrong.
i’ve been wrong before.
so everyone is talking about how he gave his dj envy,
his co-host from “the breakfast club“,
his ass.
no seriously.
charla gave him the bunz like…

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Charlamagne Thinks Marlon Brando Bended For Black Dick

i hate fox shaming.
it’s so funny when i see it within the community.
for every dick,
there is a hole that needs to be fucked.
i’m just saying.
so ya’ll know i love me some uncle charla.
i value his opinions on things within “the breakfast club”.
i read his book and i love “the brilliant idiots”.
he tweeted today about the quincy jones/marlon brando expose.
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Remy Ma Releases “Another One”

aight remy,
so remy ma released another diss track called “another one”:


you peep mariah petty ass on that?
i’m good
on it.
she already put nicki in the morgue.
no need to put more shots in her.
the body is cold.
well i was waiting for her interview with wendy today.
if i ( x know aunt wendy ),
aunt wendy from ( x her radio days ),
i know she would be messy.
  fat joe joined remy on her couch and well
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The Breakfast Club Didn’t Cry At The Funeral of Nicki Minaj Either

so i been waiting to hear what my two top media talkers had to say about “shether”.

wendy williams
the breakfast club

i’m always interested in what charlamange has to say about shit.
we are cut from the same cloth of “tellin’ it like it is”.
the problem with radio hosts,
and even bloggers,
is we are put into a position to say our opinions on issues.
it may leave a lot of hurt feelings along the way.
well the breakfast club,
who has had a few run ins with nicki minaj in the past,
gave their review on the “shether” track and well…
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