when the straight males argue who’d be a power top if they were gay

some straight males love gay roles without being gay.
what a time to be alive?
i feel like every straight male who imagines being gay

… is always saying they’d be power wolves (tops)


even the straight males get into the fox shaming too.
it’s a “badge of honor” to be a top and we don’t even have much of em.

this is where i welcome more straight males to volunteer for top activities.

i know a few straights irl that i’d like to power top my foxy ass.
on caresha aka yung miami from city girl’s podcast,
she was lowkey flirting with megan the stallion.

i admire how vixens can do this without judgment.
on the breakfast club,
 charla and dj envy argued about who would top each other…


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when i think of a power wolf,
the stereotype for me would be “aggressive“.
charla comes off as more aggressive than dj envy.
i’d see dj envy being more of a fox than charla.
folks like to bring up charla’s “suspect” moments,
but thats basically saying feminine males can only be foxes.

How many muscle wolves on IG that we know are full-blown power foxes?

i’d be inclined to believe that if charla was part of the foxhole,
that little fucker would be making them bend over.

lowkey: cousin charla looks like he’d be an oral wolf only tbh.

12 thoughts on “when the straight males argue who’d be a power top if they were gay

  1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 WOW.. I love the boys arguing who would Zoom who. They seem to know about the bottom n top roles fairly well . Wonder who taught or told them 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

    Rumour has it Charlamagne loves his booty played with and does kinky things with females and or males that is booty themed. As for DJ envy. Well he’s Latino so you know anything goes as far as he’s concerned 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. Envy said in an interview on “The Real” that he knows people think he’s Dominican or Puerto Rican or Latino but he’s not.He said he’s full African American 😃

  2. I saw another clip from the Caresha/Yung Miami interview where she said she was bisexual and that sex with women is better than sex with men.This is the same women who said if she saw anything gay in her son she would beat him.I wonder if she feels that way ? 🤔

    I’ve always found it bewildering how a women who has sex with women, who has a gay bestie(Saucy Santana) would have an issue with having a gay son.

    I don’t get it.

  3. Jamari I hit you up on Twitter and you straight ignored my ass. What’s tea boo?

  4. Jamari, don’t ever tell him this, but Charlemagne’s eyes low key would look fire looking into them as I climaxed.

    Okay, BYE

  5. I’d do Charlamagne and Envy lol Envy is tall too I like tall guys. Charlemagne looks like he’d be freaky too.

  6. See y’all gotta watch this. Get your Gaydar’s fixed if you didn’t peep the conversation. DJ Envy said he is more like Caresha. Yet Caresha wants to bottom for Meg. Charlamagne definitely comes off as a oral verse dude. When you hear straights say who they would smash or who they stanning for, you gotta peep how they stan. Every straight guy is a male stan. Period. Especially the sports fanatics. When you can argue about who had a better game and you sitting at home watching tv while they on the court sweating and feeling the pain; you stan for him! When they start saying, I know he fucking a lot of bitches, that means he has a secret crush and he stanning for that celebrity dick. Would he low key get down with a groupie, hell yeah and he gon look at the dick too! When they start saying which male, if they were gay, they would smash… that’s some straight gay shit they been thinking about low key already. Most straights will shut it down and say Game over. If he say a name, he low key been having thoughts about it.

    Like Lamonte and Jeff Cutts taking naked showers together and LaMonte trying to play it off, “back in the army days”. Don’t no straight man replay taking naked showers with another man! You don’t see guys rushing to the showers at the gym, “back in my school/jail/college days”. Some guys are just gay and don’t know how to accept it. Period.

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