caresha, please leave diddy with this recent announcement?

imagine being with a wolf…

You think ya’ll are good and suddenly,
he hits you up to tell you that he is having a baby…
with someone other than you.

for many of us in the foxhole,
i’m sure it would feel like a betrayal.

1. When did you decide to jump into some vagina unprotected?
2. I have to share you with someone else while in this relationship.

caresha was out here with signs about diddy at award shows but…

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turning 30 means you is old and not fun anymore

star fox didn’t make it to see his 30th birthday.
he wanted me to go to atlanta because he was doing something big for it.
he was living there before his death and had this whole 30th bash planned.

Sidebar: I will always regret not going with him to atlanta pride years before.
It would have been our first time traveling together and going there.
I bailed because of fear but he ended up going by himself.
The stories he told me made me sad I let fear fuck up a fox trip together.

whenever i start feeling insecure about aging,
i remember that star fox won’t have the luxury to see any other birthday.
for many of us right now…

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caresha wants to stand next to oprah as the “black oprah”

we all have dreams in life.
many of us climbed out of the hood,
and fought many dragons,
to become big deals in our careers and personal lives.
many people said we couldn’t do it but we proved them wrong.
caresha aka yung mami,
1/2 of city girls,
has big dreams too.
she wants to be the next black oprah

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when the straight males argue who’d be a power top if they were gay

some straight males love gay roles without being gay.
what a time to be alive?
i feel like every straight male who imagines being gay

… is always saying they’d be power wolves (tops)


even the straight males get into the fox shaming too.
it’s a “badge of honor” to be a top and we don’t even have much of em.

this is where i welcome more straight males to volunteer for top activities.

i know a few straights irl that i’d like to power top my foxy ass.
on caresha aka yung miami from city girl’s podcast,
she was lowkey flirting with megan the stallion.

i admire how vixens can do this without judgment.
on the breakfast club,
 charla and dj envy argued about who would top each other…

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