caresha, please leave diddy with this recent announcement?

imagine being with a wolf…

You think ya’ll are good and suddenly,
he hits you up to tell you that he is having a baby…
with someone other than you.

for many of us in the foxhole,
i’m sure it would feel like a betrayal.

1. When did you decide to jump into some vagina unprotected?
2. I have to share you with someone else while in this relationship.

caresha was out here with signs about diddy at award shows but…

this certainly didn’t age well:


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the bet awards were in june,
and their debut was on her podcast 6 months ago

…( x this baby was born in october ).
somewhere in between that,
his penis was in between someone’s vagina than caresha.

she probably knew and hasn’t announced she is leaving.
why would she?
to go from diddy’s bag to probably baller wolves and some low-level rappers?
nah homie.

lowkey: no seriously,
imagine your manz confessing he got some vixen pregnant.

7 thoughts on “caresha, please leave diddy with this recent announcement?

  1. Firstly the new baby mama put holes in the condom. Secondly, Caresha & Diddy is PR. Lol You all are slow if you believe they’re really dating. His main girl is model Jessie Mae.

  2. Diddy and Caresha ain’t bit more serious than me and Ms Cleo’s engagement. She is a hoodrat who literally thought ‘flewed out’ was ok vocabulary, and since basic >30 hoodrats claiming to be rappers on social media, NFL and NBA ballers (and Kanye) have become the only definition/visible examples of BLACK celebrities in today’s media, (no new black actors/singers/execs/SJWs/writers/____ get ANY shine from black media), DIddy hung out w her on camera a few times to remind her demo that he exists, and kept the flewed out ‘rapper’ who does everything BUT rap’s, name buzzing ingot topics.

    Diddy will literally do anything for attention (including having a baby), so no surprise there.

    It pays (LITERALLY) to be an aggressively undereducated black hoodrat these days. Just get SM famous saying dumb shit, hang in there for 6 months, and then say how you’ve grown, and you’ll have a talk show/podcast/TV show/movie/HR stunt relationship for media purposes/etc, 5 minutes after you release your statement about how you’ve grown after SM ‘holds you accountable’ for a week.

    1. Oh and mumble ‘rappers’. If you can’t rap, but can nod your head to the beat and mumble over a track (more success guaranteed if you have grillz, face tatts, weigh less than 125 lbs soaking wet, and also mumble when speaking), the sky is the limit for you.

      Sorry, I just woke up on 1 today. Just so over the ‘Black = The Hood’ narrative that today’s media depicts.

  3. How did he cheat if the woman was pregnant before Caresha even came in the picture. 6 months ago, she was already pregnant before they started talking. Caresha not leaving. Clearly she loving that dick.

  4. Diddy and Rudy Giuliani went thru the same ass cheek line and came out with those busted up booties.
    This old man is not hot, sexy or Xaddy status, he is just a foul fucked face cheater acting like he is still in the 90s. Go away and do something constructive. These women allow all their dignity to be trampled on for fame.

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