views from the top

Sex with DL males is hot and dirty just how we like it.

i don’t think it’s wrong to font that.
i think that is their appeal tbh.
you would be a fool to think one is gonna be prince wolf.
a majority of the time,
it’s just filthy sex to pass the time.
as foxes,
we always font about our experiences with dl wolves.
how they desire our sex but once the mask is back on,
they hardly know us.

“i know you got a mushroom head with a mole on your penis tho.”

We never font about the wolves who mess with DL foxes

a wolf-holer sent me a dm about an entry i wrote.
he ended up sharing with me his experiences with dl foxes

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the foxhole fav that i feel empathy for

chadoy leon.
a foxhole fav who was a tumblr fav years ago.
a few years ago,
he lost his brother in a very tragic way.
ive noticed something about chadoy that a foxholer picked up on too…

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are some of us giving off more top (wolf) than bottom (fox)?

the NFL baller wolf was top-tier when it came to boldness.
he let me know he was interested AND had the best conversations.
a day didn’t go by that i wasn’t conversing with him.
he never denied he was a wolf looking for a fox.
even if he bottomed in a past life,
he knew what i was looking for and acted accordingly.
he looked hella good that even i was intimidated.

i feel like all the males i been meeting have been foxes.
they act so bold in trying to get my attention and then:

on this outlet,
i show my emotions a lot more heavily than i do in real life.
i had to wonder…

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the gays want to hire demarkco fleming to upholster their walls

that would have been my face talking to demarkco fleming.
he had that poor twinkie fox stun locked after his introduction.
so twinkie fox had an interview with the newest gay sex icon,
demarkco fleming.
the interview got wild crazy hence twinkie fox’s face…

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what happens when your man wants to bottom and you are the bottom?

star fox had a good relationship with his mr. big wolf.
they met years before and were instantly attracted to each other.
they ended up separating and finding themselves back to each other.
star fox always considered himself a fox with slight hybrid tendencies.
when he got back with mr. big wolf,
they ended up committing to each other and living together.
one night,
mr. big wolf asked star fox to top him.

star fox told me during the act,
and not even a few strokes into it,
mr. big wolf turned around and said:

“This feels weird and I don’t like it.
This is a one-and-done in you ever toppin’ me again.”

…and quickly bent star fox over for his usual night cap.

even though mr. big wolf was “mr. big fox” in other relationships,
star fox showed up as a fox and he took on that role.
as gay males,
do we adapt and form gay relationships with how we show up?
or if the relationship goes on for more than a month

What happens if that suddenly changes?

a foxholer sent me a discussion on twitter with gay power couple,
they were asked this:

their answer

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when the straight males argue who’d be a power top if they were gay

some straight males love gay roles without being gay.
what a time to be alive?
i feel like every straight male who imagines being gay

… is always saying they’d be power wolves (tops)


even the straight males get into the fox shaming too.
it’s a “badge of honor” to be a top and we don’t even have much of em.

this is where i welcome more straight males to volunteer for top activities.

i know a few straights irl that i’d like to power top my foxy ass.
on caresha aka yung miami from city girl’s podcast,
she was lowkey flirting with megan the stallion.

i admire how vixens can do this without judgment.
on the breakfast club,
 charla and dj envy argued about who would top each other…

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