There Is So Much To Grab When It’s This Big (Edward Ponton Jr)

i may not be a fan of big pipes,
but i do like big bawdies.
nothing feels better on top of you like a meaty son of a bitch.
don’t be slim or fun sized either.
he will throw your tail all over the room and you’ll love it.
edward ponton jr is my favorite big bawdy size…

lowkey: he also sings…

that is from 2013.

pictures credited: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “There Is So Much To Grab When It’s This Big (Edward Ponton Jr)

  1. his chocolate ass DAYUMMM lawd thats my weakness i love a man with weight on him. my ultimate daddy fantasy though was the chocolate daddy Viola was screwing on HTGAWM..Lord that man does something to my life lol

  2. Thanks Jamari, every since I saw his pictures on tumblr I have been trying to figure out who he is, with his big sexy ass. If I had a uterus I would have his babies. I think he is a college football player.

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