There Is So Much To Grab When It’s This Big (Edward Ponton Jr)

i may not be a fan of big pipes,
but i do like big bawdies.
nothing feels better on top of you like a meaty son of a bitch.
don’t be slim or fun sized either.
he will throw your tail all over the room and you’ll love it.
edward ponton jr is my favorite big bawdy size…

lowkey: he also sings…

that is from 2013.

pictures credited: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “There Is So Much To Grab When It’s This Big (Edward Ponton Jr)”

  1. Thanks Jamari, every since I saw his pictures on tumblr I have been trying to figure out who he is, with his big sexy ass. If I had a uterus I would have his babies. I think he is a college football player.

  2. his chocolate ass DAYUMMM lawd thats my weakness i love a man with weight on him. my ultimate daddy fantasy though was the chocolate daddy Viola was screwing on HTGAWM..Lord that man does something to my life lol

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